The Reading About The Revolution of Higher Education

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Subject: The reading is about the revolution of higher education, which has taken an online format that makes it easy for students to gain higher education through interactive online means.

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Thesis: The phase of higher education is undergoing progressive change, which allows a lot more students to have access to higher education than previously possible.

Back up of main Idea

The writer points to the fact the professor mentioned is used to teaching 400 students but since the creation of the online program for higher education, he has been able to tech 100, 000 students last semester.


To reach that that many students, the professor notes that he would have to teach his normal Stanford class for 250 years.

Supporting Argument 2

It is purported that great things are achieved when something that has been a necessity suddenly becomes a possibility. This implies that progressive higher education access has been a necessity for some time, as people would like to access higher education more easily and affordably. This has not been possible until now when the sector has experienced a revolution.


The spread of wireless technology and high speed internet together with an availability of gadgets that make access easier, the world is more connected and people can access convenient learning through online platforms.

Supporting Argument 3

These factors ensure a demand in online access to higher education and has given rise to Coursera as an organization dedicated to the provision of online higher education


There have been companies that have been offering online education degrees for some time now. This means that Coursera will take online higher education to the next level by creating a platform that integrates the best schools and a wide range of courses at affordable rates.

Reaction to main point

Interactive organizations like Coursera are a big step towards bringing higher education to people in an affordable, efficient, and accessible manner. The fact that Coursera will integrate different institutions in a bid to provide quality higher education implies that many people who have nurtured hopes and dreams of acquiring higher education can now comfortably do so and compete in the professional industry. The convenience of such a platform creates an equal opportunity for all in pursuit of education.

P-by-P Outline

He has a way of explaining how the new interactive online education company, Coursera hopes to revolutionize higher education b allowing students to hear lectures, do homework, get graded and get certificates . This means that the sector of higher education is experiencing a change that aims to bring higher education closer to students and make it easier for them to access all the components of higher education that are characteristic of the more traditional form of education. This saves on cost, efficiency, and instructiveness.

The cost of education has been rising faster and hence, there is need to provide low cost, quality higher education. The implication is that the new platforms of online education are a necessity in an economy that has rendered higher education more expensive by the day and hence difficult to achieve.

Coursera is the next step in building an interactive platform that allows the best schools in the world to offer wide range of courses with a system of grading and testing. This eventually allows students to be awarded with certificate upon completion of courses for very little money. In this sense , higher education through an interactive platform like Coursera is becoming more affordable and thus creates equal opportunities for all. The program also features aspects of traditional higher education and as such, is a better avenue for students.

Important paragraph

Welcome to the college education revolution. Big breaks happen when what is suddenly possible meets what is desperately necessary. This paragraph highlights the importance of revolutionizing the higher education sector by coming up with better ways to meet the need of higher education through constructive ways.

Thesis and supporting arguments

Coursera, hopes to revolutionize higher education by allowing students from all over the world to not only hear his lectures, but to do homework assignments, be graded, receive a certificate for completing the course and use that to get a better job or gain admission to a better school.

Supporting Arguments


I normally teach 400 students, Ng explained, but last semester he taught 100,000 in an online course on machine learning.


To reach that many students before, I would have had to teach my normal Stanford class for 250 years.


The costs of getting a college degree have been rising faster than those of health care, so the need to provide low-cost, quality higher education is more acute than ever


Through the spread of high-speed wireless technology, high-speed Internet, smartphones, Facebook, the cloud and tablet computers, the world has gone from connected to hyper connected in just seven years. Finally, a generation that has grown up on these technologies is increasingly comfortable learning and interacting with professors through online platforms.


To make learning easier, Coursera chops up its lectures into short segments and offers online quizzes, which can be auto-graded, to cover each new idea. It operates on the honor system but is building tools to reduce cheating.


In each course, students post questions in an online forum for all to see and then vote questions and answers up and down

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