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Slide 2: Social media is a new phenomenon with varied definitions in public and academic. For today, it has become a very popular way to express personal opinion, as well as it has become a good way to influence public opinion. Generally, social media refer to media used to enable social interaction. In our modern globalized world, everyone depends on their mobile devices and cannot live a day without searching news. It is easier to communicate with each other, to share news, search political news or educational ones, find a job, etc. But in contrast, our thinking ability has been transformed, and this factor has an influence on our memory. In this case, social media impact has its advantages and disadvantages on the modern society.

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Social media technology (SMT) is web-based and mobile applications that allow everyone to create, engage, and share different content in digital environment through multi-way communication. Also, SMT contains design elements that create virtual social spaces encouraging interaction, thereby broadening the appeal of the technology and promoting transitions back and forth from the platform to face-to-face engagement (Society for Human Resource Management, 2).

Slide 3: The use of social media has become quite widespread, and the most prominent interfaces are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These interfaces allow creating profiles, operating and communicating with people. Content of each of them has a specific influence on the education, politics, social problem, recruitment, tourism, and other spheres of our life. Communication through the Internet involves the use of an online platform or website that enables people to communicate usually for a social purpose. But often, social network is an opportunity to solve many problems from simple communication to political campaign. Taking this fact into consideration, it is difficult to define the only specific purpose of social media (

Slide 4: Usually, social media misinforms users bringing untruthful facts and applying emotional method to manipulate with societys thoughts and opinion. It is explained by the scheme of information processing. The main objectives of the information and analytical support for passive and active work with social media are: monitoring and analysis of social networks (in order to achieve understanding of the ongoing processes in social media), forecasting and management (for transfer of social media in the required condition).

Slide 5: Speaking about social media in general, it provides people with a range of benefits and gives many opportunities to empower themselves in a variety of ways. It is the easiest possibility to maintain social connections, access more information than ever before. Different communities and social interactions can be invaluable for developing peoples self-confidence and social skills. Moreover, it gives a possibility to become popular with blogging and sharing personal opinion.

Slide 6: Due to the abundance of entertaining, superficial and unnecessary junk information, time of using social network is significantly increased. It can have a negative impact on our health as a large scope of information makes nervous system tired. In addition, an individual loses skills of real communication as he used to communicate online. Chatting in social media, people often do not follow the rules of grammar and punctuation, use the meager vocabulary, replace emotions by emoticons, etc. All these things have a negative impact on communication in the real world. It is important to note that Special Forces use social network for tracking in order to maintain security in the country. The representatives of special service account about 15% of users in social media.

Slide 7: The most disputes towards social media are about the use in education. To build a strong and well-educated society in future, older generation has to focus more attention on younger one. Pointing out the benefits of social media in educational process, it is important to say that many schools, colleges and universities provide digital learning in the classroom which helps to save more time for self-education or work. In contrast, opponents prove that sometimes such form of assessment is considered to be nonobjective. As an educational tool, social media enriches the learning experience allowing students and teachers to connect and interact. Such platforms as Facebook or Twitter provide dialogs, exchange ideas, and find answers to different questions. But information overload has negative influence on students attentiveness and absent-mindedness. Paying attention to unnecessary advertisement, student tries to perform a task as quickly as possible. Such attitude towards education influences the quality knowledge (Deil-Amen, Rios-Aguilar, Davis, Canche, 3-10).

Slide 8: At the present time, we cannot imagine how to apply for a job instead of internet. It is the easiest way to send resume and wait for call. As for applicants, this method helps recruiter, who has to interview hundreds of people, to save more time. It is the biggest advantage compared to more traditional forms of recruiting. Online recruitment allows shortening time for hiring and information processing, as well as helps to reduce costs for recruiting. Moreover, it gives employers the opportunity to hire staff all over the world, locally or globally. Providing social media recruitment campaign, it is important for organizations to keep control of this process. Everyone has the ability to make mistakes. That is why, before hiring person for a job, it is a possibility to analyze his account in social network to understand employee better. In addition to this fact, employer has to recognize accuracy of all the information. It is important to see what a person is as soon as possible in order to avoid unforeseen financial expenses. The main risk in online recruitment is the applicant may behave himself in social media more opened than in a real life (Broughton, Foley, Ledermaier, Cox, 19-23, 24-33).

Slide 9: Many politicians use their personal profiles in social networks in order to capture votes and earn confidence of their potential electors. Almost each famous person has at least one account in social media, usually in Facebook and Twitter. Speaking about advantages, it is a good way to save more money for political campaign and to know public opinion and some tendencies in society. Social media is a good and simple way to popularize political program and run political propaganda. In addition, in social media, user can receive and know some information faster than from traditional mass media. It can be explained by the fact that someone can be present at the time of some event, and this person can write about it in the blog. Another person can read it and share. In this case, social media is one of the sources of information for traditional mass media. But on this ground, there are many risks to run political campaign successful. To prevent counterpropaganda, politicians have to spend a lot of money for security of their accounts in social media. Taking this fact into consideration, it is more expensive than running political campaign without the promotion in social media. Also, discussing of political campaign or program provoke people to get into trivial arguments with other people. Usually, people express aggression towards their opponents and even forget about the matter of argument (Suomen Toivo Think Tank, 4-6).

Slide 10: The strategic importance of social media is high for tourism, and the role and use of social media in tourism operations and management is widely discussed. Progress is made by the industry in responding to business opportunities by social media. The online world is rapidly evolving and some companies use new technologies in order to popularize their tourist product. But usually, they do not think about what it means to the business in a virtual world. Social media is the easiest and fastest way to advertize a tourist company, a travel package or a country. On top of that, many people travel themselves and keep a travel blog expressing their emotions and giving tips for travel beginners. According to this fact, it seems that there is not any negative influence on this industry. For example, there are some challenges of intellectual property and data control for information dissemination of exclusive tours in social media. (Bank, 3-6)

Slide 11: Social media are accelerating development into an important way to influence society as part of the advancement of information and communication technologies. Attitude towards this phenomenon is ambiguous in application of it in different spheres of life. Thanks to scientific and technological progress, life has become easier, but pace of life is faster. Social media have become very popular nowadays. Compared benefits and risks of social media for purposes in education, recruitment, politics, and tourism, it is difficult to say decisively on this question. Social media made an idea of a global village to be real. In general, it is the main benefit for organizations as we have a possibility to find necessary information which is not in books or manuals, to use update information which accelerate working process and positively influences the profit of organization. Against the background, wide scope of information makes us more absent-minded and distractible. Nevertheless, further technological and scientific development is inconvertible, and people have to adapt to each new invention because it is a condition of effective communication.

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