The Most Effective Method of Integrating Sources in an APA Document

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APA documentation format allows users or writers to apply three different modes of in-text citation when citing the used sources. These formats include use of direct quotations, summarizing the idea of the author or paraphrasing the authors idea. Even though all these formats seems to be equally effective, application of the summary format of in-text citation during APA documentation seems to be more effective. This is because it involves use of paraphrasing format thus making it a two-in-one mode of applying in-text citation. Application of summary in-text citation mode is also more effective compared to the other two in that it involves capturing of the intended idea in few but precise words that are direct to the point. This factor therefore makes summary mode of in-text citation more effective compared to application of direct quotation format, which involves lifting of the whole idea of the author word by word thus making the document longer and maybe boring to read. However, the only shortcoming that is associated with this mode of in-text citation is that it does not involve indication of the page number where the idea being passed across has obtained thus creating a leeway to doubt the source credibility.

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Effectiveness of Paraphrase and Direct Quotation Modes of In-text Citation

One of the major factors about paraphrase mode of in-text citation in APA documentation that makes it effective is that it gives the writer a chance of owning the document. This is because the writer gets a chance of referring to an idea through his own words. This way the writer gets to have an authority over the document, he or she is writing even when using a borrowed idea. In addition, this mode helps the writer to pass the message to his or her readers in a way he or she feels is appropriate and simple to his or her readers something that he or she has no room to do when using a direct quotation format of in-texting. Use of direct quotation mode of in-text citation on the other hand seems to be more effective when it comes to retaining the meaning of the referenced idea. This is because, unlike the other two modes of APA In-texting, direct quotation mode involves carrying the exact idea word by word into the document. This way, it is therefore impossible to change the meaning of the referenced idea, as it is likely to happen in the other two forms of in-texting.

Lessons from the Sample Paper

One of the major lessons obtained from the sample paper is the realization that in-text in APA documentation can be applied in three different modes namely, paraphrasing mode, summary mode and direct quotation mode. The other lesson learned from the sample paper is that the used of paraphrasing and direct quotation mode of in-text citation encourages the addition of page numbers of the sources from where the idea being referenced is borrowed thus ascertaining credibility of the sources. Subsequently, the sample paper also teaches that use of summary form of in-text citation makes the borrowed idea looks more precise and direct to the point as it squeezes wide range of information from the source into a summarized form.

Application of the Learned Lessons in Future Classes

One way of applying the lessons learned about APA source documentation in future is by ensuring that all future assignments are well referenced and in texted as required in accordance to APA documentation guidelines. This is through application of any of the three styles of in-texting an APA document. This will help a lot as make the source that shall be used in my assignment look credible. In conclusion, the lessons learned about APA in-text citation style shall enable easier determination of which ideas are to be in texted in what style depending on the complexity of the information contained in them.

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