The Life of Isaac Wilson in Carlisle Indian Industrial School

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Isaac Wilson was a student of Carlisle Indian industrial School from September 8, 1907 to February 26, 1908 and later September 1, 1913 to October 15, 1913. Born from the Chippewa tribe in the state of Minnesota, Isaac was an orphan as both of his parents had died. However, he had a grandmother, brother, and sister who were then living. Specifically, Mr. Wilson hailed from the Nez Perce nation. He first joined the Carlisle school on September 8, 1907 and left on February 26, 1908. The reason as to why he left the school after such a short time was due to his illness. After departure, Isaac Wilson worked as a farmer in the locality of Kooskia, Idaho in 1910. However, when his health condition improved, he later rejoined the school in September 1, 1913 and later departed in the same year in October 15 when he contracted pulmonary tuberculosis. Prior to him joining school, Isaac was residing in Beaulieu, Minnesota in 1913. After he subsequently departed from the school he went to live in White Earth, Minnesota in 1916.

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Isaac was a Catholic aged seventeen years when he joined the school with the height of over 5 ft. Additionally, he was overweight weighing over 130 kilograms. His eye conditions were good. However, upon inspection, it was established by the physician that he had several scars on both of his hands. However, the health of his brother and sister was good. Initially, his parents had applied for him to study at the school for three years. Prior to joining Carlisle Indian School, Isaac had joined four other schools from 1902 to 1912. These includes the Wild Rice, Riggs, and White Earth. Additionally, a physician examined him and conformed that his health condition was proper. In this inspection, the physician established that he was not infected with tuberculosis which could infect other students.

In less than a quarter a year after joining Carlisle Indian School, Isaac Wilson was admitted to a hospital on the 10th day of October 2013 and was subsequently diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis. Specifically, his left lung had been affected while he was also expectorating some small quantities of blood. Pulmonary tuberculosis being a contagious disease, the physician who examined him Dr. A.R Allen advised that Isaac should be sent home so that he does not contract the disease to other students.

Before leaving college, the superintendent in charge wrote to the grandmother of Isaac Wilson explaining his health condition and the recommendations of the physician. Specifically, the letter explained that Isaac had suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis and was, therefore, being sent home so that he could recover. It also added that Isaac was begging and could, therefor,e not concentrate on his studies. His grandmother wrote back through the United States Indian Service expressing her worries on the health of Isaac. Eventually, Isaac was given sufficient fare to take him home. This marked the end of his time in the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

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