Cause and Effect Essay on Global Warming

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Global warming is the constant temperature increase in the world as a result of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is attributed to the human activities that are carried out on the daily basis that lead to an increase in the carbon dioxide levels and all other pollutants. Am majorly interested in focusing on the causes of global warming. The best way to eliminate anything is by knowing what led to their existence so as to understand how best to reduce such occurrences or how to mitigate its effects (Zhong, 2016).

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The Primary Causes of Global Warming

I believe human activities are the greatest contributor to global warming. The temperature of planet earth is increasing at a higher rate as observed by scientists and from the different climatic changes. Excessive production leads to the emanation of harmful gasses into the air which creates a layer that leads to the greenhouse effect. Some of the gasses that are polluted into the atmosphere such chlorofluorocarbons as trap heat that is being radiated from the earth into space (Ward & Mahowald, 2014). This is known as the anthropogenic causes of global warming. Although the main gasses that lead to the greenhouse effect are such as methane-nitrogen just to name a few exists naturally, humans inevitably add to the pollution by polluting the environment surrounding them. This can be seen from the increased numbers of rivers drying up and increased droughts. Some of the human activities are such as the excessive burning of fossil or coal so as to produce electricity which is being used all over the world. As a result, a lot of carbon dioxide will be polluted some of which will be trapped causing the greenhouse effect (Zhong, 2016).

Another cause of global warming changes in the climate. The ever-changing global climatic changes have an impact on global warming. Hot and warm climate will lead to increased evaporation and precipitation (Adedejin, Reubenn& Olatoye, 2014). Solar irradiance certainly plays a significant role in global warming since, when there are changes in the suns output it will lead to climatic shifts in the environment. Another cause of global warming is the increase in the population of not only human beings but animals. Human being breathes out carbon monoxide while methane from animals from their organic matter (Zhong, 2016).

Effects of Global Warming

An increase in the sea level from melting of large ice sheets. This is as a result of increased temperatures in parts. This will lead to displacement of a large population of people as many areas will be swamped in water (Burck, Bals & Rossow, 2014). Furthermore very dangerous storms will be experienced all over the world. As some regions become hotter, other parts become cooler due to an imbalance in nature. Hurricanes will be more severe this can be seen from the dangerous storms being experienced currently in some countries.

Due to the unpredictable weather changes, there will be a drop in agricultural activities such as farming since crop yield will be poor. Floods and droughts even shortages in the rain will lead to crop failure. In addition, some species will become extinct from the different climates experienced such as drought leading to drying of rivers and seas. Sea animals and the coral population will decrease or become extinct (Hansen et al. 2015)


In conclusion, to avoid a more adverse effect on our climate human population should practice good practices that are environment-friendly since for the human survival they also depend on other species.


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