Importance of GMOs

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Crops suffer from infections caused by pathogens; viruses, bacteria and fungus. Approaches have been designed to help crops fight against this diseases. Although most interest has been from the focus on virus-resistant plants, attention is too considered for the bacterial and fungal (Gurian-Sherman;). The most direct way that GM crops impact on human health is through enhanced nutritional value. Health researchers asserts that it can contribute to the enhancement of human health ( Additionally, some GM crops have led to a reduction of farm chemicals that are toxic to human and animals resulting in indirect benefits on health. This benefits especially those farm workers majorly in the developing countries where there is high human and crop interaction, and quality controls seem to be less strict.

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Despite the wide of crops assumed to make well, GM crops basically are tolerant to herbicides and pest confrontation, studies have proved this crops to have helped farmers minimize costs on the purchase of these chemicals ("The Impact Of Genetically Engineered Crops On Farm Sustainability In The United States"). Genes introduced help enhance innate plant defense mechanism in that the bacterium in the soil is toxic to a certain group of pests (Uzogara). Traits too introduced to these crops makes it resistant to one particular herbicide, the herbicide in return is used with impunity against weeds while not causing harm to the primary crop.


Almost any discovery science has a likelihood for good as well as evil; its application can be channeled in either way depending on the social, political and economic factors. Lately, GM has been getting a bad reputation over toxicity and allergies but on the other hand, GM crops have brought in a number of potential benefits to farmers it raises agricultural productivity and reduction on the need for environmentally harmful pesticides.


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