The Global Warming Impact on the Australian and the Pacific Realms

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During the last decade, global warming has influenced many habitats in Australia and islands in the Pacific Ocean. Climate changes and reducing of flora and fauna around the islands bring the ecosystems to the brink of a surviving. In this way, Bramble Cay has disappeared from a planet due to global warming and unsuitable realms. Such animal has fewer possibilities to adapt and when ecosystem alters they face an inability to live further and have no strength to adjust. Thus the scientists predict various species to fade away in following 20 years if the humanity keeps on deteriorating the ecological situation in future and ignoring the consequences which are seen not only near the Australian realms (Smith Lauren, "Extinct: Bramble Cay Melomys"). If temperature increase does not stop in further, relocation of the inhabitants can be a serious issue that needs great amounts of money and sources.

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The researches of 2000-14 years show moving of the shorelines throughout the Pacific islands. Solomon Islands are under observation due to continuing rising of the water levels around and they are determined as the territories under the threat and vigilant studying the changes of a climate nearby. For now, about 5 islands are under water and because of their surface peculiarities people are also in danger. In the future, the dwellers would be relocated as they live in low-lying coastal areas which are swallowing by the sea. Moreover, most of these islands are volcanic and only lowlands are suitable for living. (Albert et al.) Therefore, global warming has an effect on habitats, human lives, and a situation in the world at all. Finding solutions to prevent further disasters and losses among the people should be a prerogative of the leading ecological movements as the global warming is covering the planet and do a great impact on the all existing natural relations.

According to the results of different analyses, waters near the Pacific realms are becoming warmer and bring various species of plankton to the extinction. Copepods, gelatinous medusa, and others are influenced because of their nutrition in which plankton takes the biggest part. Further changes of the temperatures may cause a total reducing of plankton and dying off the numerous species in following decades (Dybas, 643). Moreover, oceans absorb carbon dioxide in larger quantities, cause increasing the acidity and threatening the survival of many marine species. In such a habitat, plankton cannot produce calcium carbonate and exist in acid waters (Dybas, 644).The Ecosystem is a complicated and immense mechanism, where every part depends on another and such changes of a climate and nourishment disturb the whole system and the consequences can be seen in every part of the planet.

In conclusion, the global warming has the impact on every component of the habitats, damages the relations between species and causes the extinction of different animals. The chain reaction has started and in few decades humanity would face a global disaster if keep on ignoring the situation on the planet.

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