Tsunami Hits Japan

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In this assignment, there will be a description of sight, sound and images of the Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011. In the first paragraph, an objective approach will be used to describe the catastrophe while in the second paragraph a subjective approach will be used to describe the tragedy. The visual of the catastrophic event will be derived from a video on YouTube. The link to the footage is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liCm9ocup2A

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Objective Language

The video begins with a gray scale footage of a large calm water body followed by still photos of demolished and disorganized burning houses covered by water body. Black heavy water flowing in the streets of Japan is seen and is followed by an image of the waters breaking the banks. Several cars are carried away by the heavy waters same to electric posts. Rushing waters carry away cars, misdirect several small sized luxuries ships breaks electric poles while washing away big houses. The rushing waters break every single structure in its path as it washes away parked vehicles and swallowing the streets. Several cars are smashed against each other, and others smash into other vehicles. The overflowing water pushes houses, cars and electric poles toward one side of the street. The houses break into pieces as the force from the water hits the houses.

The footage of the Tsunami in Japan is accompanied by a narrator who explains every single step of the footage. The serious and audible voice of the narrator explains the location, time and when the Tsunami hit Japan. The narrator further lists the impact of the catastrophe and compares the tragic occurrence to other devastating events that have taken place in the world.

Subjective language

As I watched the footage of heavy waters hitting the streets of Japan in March 2011, I was confused as to what to feel. I felt sad for the citizens of the country and at the same time I felt scared because of the extent of the destruction caused by the Tsunami in Japan. Cars were swept away so easily, and I could not help but imagine the loss the owners incurred. I watched as big luxuries houses were being swept away by heavy flowing waters that had broken the banks. I imagined what the occupant of these homes felt like and wondered how many people lost their properties and loved ones. While watching the footage, I was disturbed because of the severity of the catastrophe. At the same time, I asked several questions like the preparation of human beings in case of such unfortunate events. As I watched the footage, the grey scale footage gave me a gloomy, sad feeling. As I watched houses and cars being washed away, I couldn't help but sympathize with the victims of Tsunami.

As I listened to the narrator of the footage, I felt a chill run inside me as he explains the events and the total cost of the damage caused by the catastrophe. However voice of the narrator made me understand better the extent of destruction and when the unfortunate event took place including the location hit by the Tsunami. As I watched the footage, there was no particular time I was not shocked and saddened. In fact watching the footage made me think a lot about life and how fast human being and their properties can be destroyed.

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