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In the article of The Cult of Ethnicity by Arthur Schlesinger, the author opens the discussion by showing the impacts of ethnic and racial diversities across the world and how the ineffectiveness of some countries in the implementing the ethnic and racial diversity in the modern society. Additionally, there are other issues that the author talks of the role of race, religion, and ethnicity in promoting wars and division among the citizens in the society. In this relation, the author appreciates the role of United States in promoting diversity and encouraging cohesion and acknowledges that it is the only country that has remained to be peaceful despite having a religiously, culturally and socially diverse population (Schlesinger 12). The article advises other countries to acknowledge strategies that United States has used to create a multi ethnic society because of the need to promote cohesion and encourage interaction and coexistence.

To help the population to understand how the United States has remained to be multi-ethnic countries and with minimal conflicts, the author tells of the history of America and past activities that have encourage peaceful coexistence in the society and how the American culture has promoted cohesion. One issue that needs to be appreciated is the interracial marriages which has been of great impact among Americans as it helps to harmonize the cultural and ethnic differences in the country. The article helps in shedding light on the effects of ethnic diversity and the effect that the same has on the peace and cohesion of the people and strategies that countries can take to prevent negative effects of such (Schlesinger 15). In this communication age, there is need to lay down strategies that promote peace and avoid cases of racism and give every person an opportunity to improve their lives.

The author plays a crucial role in sensitizing the population on the need to promote peace and cohesion through highlighting mechanism countries can use to achieve such. One of the issues of great concern is the policies that need to be enacted to ensure that the population remains unified and suggesting ways of combating discrimination and conflicts between people that are culturally and ethnically diverse to ensure that citizens remain united. Unity of the population of America reflects the efforts that the country made in its history but focusing on combining the different races into one single culture that can represent the culture of the American people (Schlesinger 17). Other nations in the modern society face different kinds of conflicts due to social and cultural diversity proving the need to borrow lessons from America. Arthur Schlesinger lays out strategies that countries need to employ to encourage peace and cohesion in the society.

Schlesinger talks of the United States as the melting pot where there all cultures were melted into one common culture that produced an amalgam culture which represents the good in the population. One issue that the author suggests is that there is need to activate historic forces that were driving the society towards becoming one people to produce and unified society. In this regard, ethnicity needs to be viewed as a result of enthusiasm that results from the romantic ideologues on one side and unscrupulous con men on another side (Schlesinger 15). The issue that leads to fueling of the vice is the groups of people that show themselves to be advocating for the minority groups while on the other hand fueling segregation through the use of the media.

Work Cited

Schlesinger Jr, Arthur. "The cult of ethnicity, good and bad." Time 138.1 (1991): 12-24.

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