The Benefits of Library Instructions

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Finally, library instructions improve the quality of term papers by ensuring that they lack plagiarism. During library instruction classes, students are able to learn examples of paraphrasing and ways of citing sources. Students also learn how to recognize and avoid plagiarism. This means that their bibliographic term papers will be of higher quality than that of students who lack knowledge of library instructions and are therefore unable to avoid plagiarism. As a result, the latter get poor grades as compared to the former. Students with knowledge of bibliographic instructions are also conversant with many citing methods. This makes it easier for them to cite their work as instructed by the examiner meaning that their work will be better hence a higher grade.

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In conclusion, it is important that the benefits of library instructions and the effect they have towards term papers be recognized. The knowledge of library instructions will not only be helpful to students in writing their term papers, but it will also help them in their future life and careers where good research has become an increasingly important part of any job description. Library instruction session in a class can be very effective at ensuring that students are taught about new resources at the same time they are reminded of the ones that they have heard or rather used in the past. The introduction of library instruction in class is of great importance since the instructor will be able to emphasize on important materials that can be utilized by the learners (Matthew, 2007).


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