The Apple and FBI Battle

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Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world selling products such as mobile phones, tablets and computer. In the recent cases, the BI approached the company to try and unlock a phone that was believed to be used by a terrorist who is known to have killed more than ten people in California (Whittaker, 2016). The company was unyielding in their words not to break the ethics of privacy to their customers. One of the company's ethics states that not all the information in their customer mobile phone would be retrieved by a third party without getting permission from the owner of the phone. The system is built with a unique type of OS that ensures a password is used to unlock the phone. Apple cannot break the encryption of the iPhone making the FBI ask for the company to disable some of its features to enable them to unlock the passwords. The primary intention of the FBI was for the company to make a diversion system that would allow them to get easily information from any Apples iPhone if necessary.

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The encryption system of the product is of very high tech, which makes the product unique from any other phone around the globe. Apple comes with this system to make them compete effectively in the market. By removing that software, it would reduce the efficiency of the system making their customers lose trust in their products. I tend to agree with the Apple's idea of not trying to compromise their system. Technology is one of the best ways of competing effectively in the market. Many organizations have spent an enormous amount of money to employ people who will come up with innovation in the market. Most customers like something unique from the market.

The FBI wanted Apple to modify the system that would suit themselves and not for the companys benefits. It would be proper for the FBI to understand the explanations the company was putting forwards since their primary obligation was to satisfy their customers. The custom version was to erase or bypass any passwords that are used when information are deleted.

The FBI tried all means to unlock the phone and get all the contacts that have been erased from the system without succeeding. They had no option but to appeal tothe company to assist them in getting all the required information. When the company refused to act according to the FBI request, they went to court and the Judge rules in the favor of the FBI. To some extent, the ruling was very conducive for that occasion.

The judge looked at the risk of the whole population since the FBI believed there might be more terrorists who would want to kill more people. It was for the judge to ensure that all the information that would prevent the occurrence of another attack was retrieved. However, the judge invoked some important law that dated back 320 years ago. The act allows judges to issue law and orders that are not written in the status of a particular state. Such laws were mostly applied in the case of an emergency or when the country is under attack from the terrorist. The judge should not be blamed for making that rule for the safety of the whole population should be his primary role. On the other hand, the court forcing Apple to reverse its encryption would be burdensome since it involves coming up with a new operating system for the mobile phone. The new OS system was still new in the market, and the customers were giving good feedback concerning that new system.

Some people believed that the government could easily use National Security Agencies to crack the IPhone since they have all the technologies that are required. The agency had established a comprehensive surveillances system for the whole country, meaning they could still have all those information. The FBI could have used this strategy instead of approaching Apple. The agency is previously known for stealing many companies codes and unlocks computer software for security. There are many theories why the government decided to use the courts to force the company to open their system. NSA in the past has been on the forefront to unlock all the passwords even without getting permission from the courts.

The order of the court do does not force the company to bypass the encryption because it is impossible depending on how the new system was established. It passed the order of the company to remove some of the features that would allow the FBI to unlock their system quickly for the security purposes. Many terrorist groups are known to use this new Apple product because they are known that all the information stored in them are safe. Even if their phone are stolen or taken by the law enforcement, they would still be unable to unlock the iPhone. It was necessary for the court to make that order since I can be used in the future. The FBI will be able to monitor all the information by certain suspicious people.


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