Targeted Distribution of the HPV Vaccine

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Targeted distribution of the HPV vaccine to the affected groups is the option for increasing the vaccination rates. The ethical issues in this case include whether the target groups would be vulnerable to stigmatization whether there would be an acceptance of the vaccine and its sufficiency to rationalize the costs of a targeted program.

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Public health has the role of attaining community health by respecting the rights of individuals in the community. An opportunity for input from the members of the community arises from the development and evaluation of programs, public health policies, and priorities. Public health ought to promote the empowerment of marginalized members of the community and aims to ensure the basic conditions and resources that are essential for health are accessible to all people (Caskey et al., 2016). Public health also needs to seek information required to carry out effective policies and programs, which promote health. The public health institutions need to provide information to the communities for decisions on the programs or policies however; they need the communitys consent to implement the programs. The programs and policies need to integrate various approaches that target beliefs, respect, diverse values, and cultures within the community. The policies and programs should also be executed in a way, which enhances the social and physical environment.

There are some reasons why parents do not vaccinate their children for HPV. They include lack of recommendation by a physician, the perception of parents that that their daughters are not sexually active and the requirement for more information (Bringle, 2012).

Lack of understanding of the risk of the disease costs incurred, and low frequency of health maintenance visits are among other barriers to the vaccination implementation. Gardasil has a high-cost deterrent for use for many families, and it has been suggested that even if Merck cut the cost of Gardasil by 90%, it would profit substantially. Economic considerations should however not drive the decision. A lot of surviving government programs offer the required vaccines at no or low prices to children (Stanley & Villa, 2008). The federally funded Vaccines for children program in the United States cover for mandated or officially recommended vaccines. There is also a concern that offering the vaccines to children will boost their sexual promiscuity.

One of the best ways to fight the stigma as a public health administrator is through education that HPV infection is linked to some cancers that can be prevented. The main goal is to decrease the occurrence of the infection. It is important to accept HPV vaccine there is a time cancer linked to HPV infection will be no more. The stigma on the vaccine will live because HPV is sexually transmitted.


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