Structure of a Research Paper

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Background Section

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The background section of research holds a significant role as it answers the question "so what?" It responds as the status quo of the pertinent work field as well as pinpointing any problem in the idea or accomplishment that ought to be resolved in a research and therefore improve the proceeding of the entire research work. Consequently, the section provides adequate information, to clarify what the research problem entails, what has been accomplished and to show substantiation of the researcher's proficiency in the research subject. Again, it illuminates why it is necessary for the prior work to be continued. In a research study conducted to show the role of human resource strategies in the recruitment of skilled labor in the manufacturing sector, the Background section explains the role of the manufacturing sector in the United States economy, as the primary research priority. It is continuous to expound how critical this sector has been over the previous years, regarding revenue generation and job opportunities. The investigator shows his research proficiency by giving financial data records, as a way of tracking what the sector has done over the past years and the benefit of having it.

Problem statement

The problem statement in a research exemplifies what the reader does not understand and need to know. It clarifies on what is wrong and what is supposed to be done. The section introduces an individual to the significance of the research theme, familiarize with the research objectives or the guiding questions. Subsequently, just like the background section, it answers the "so what?" query so as to enable the assessors to understand why they should concentrate on the main research topic. The problem statement also subjects the research question into a particular framework that outlines the constraints of what out to be examined. For an instant, the problem statement of the research paper provided, states that the Human resource executives in the manufacturing sector require strategies for effective recruitment of experienced labor. Consequently, it elucidates this as the most critical challenge, which production manager faces. These statements restrict the study in a definite context, which is to examine why strategies are needed in the recruitment of skilled labor.

Purpose statement

The purpose of the statement orients the readers with the research topic. It helps the scholar to probe more profoundly into the research subject and narrow the research emphasis to appropriate information only. It establishes the theses declaration as well as minimizing the researchers time in their examination (Creswell, J. W. 2013). The researcher in the study on the need for strategies in the employment of skilled personnel in the manufacturing sector outlines the purpose statement that is explicit and direct, " to explore strategies that manufacturing human resource frontrunners needs to efficaciously employ skilled labor." The statement is limited to an individual stress and proposition declaration, which have simplified the entire research topic into an investigable context.

Nature of the Study

According to Creswell, J. W. (2013), the nature of the study section in a research exemplifies on the central trajectory the entire research study would follow. It discusses how the researcher intends to approach the investigation, how the exercise varies from the previous one, and the most challenging part of his examination. Most importantly, this section decides and depict whether the study will take the qualitative or quantitative research methodologies. In the research study provided, that nature of the research topic emerges to be favored by qualitative methodology. It necessitates the exploration and clarification of human behavior, such as a need for human resource executives to come up with effective strategies in the employment of skilled labor. Subsequently, the study exploits interpretive and substantial practices that would portray a visible outcome, such as expertise of the employed labor. For this reason, the researcher in the study decides to employ qualitative research method over quantitative one, who derive no impartiality for exploratory or pursuing correlations of various relationships or approximating variances. The section concludes by indicating what the research seek to tackle, which is to explore and comprehend effective human resource strategies essential for the recruitment of proficient labor forces in the manufacturing industry, specifically in Northwest of Louisiana.

Central Research Question

According to Yin, R. K. (2014), a research question is the ultimate core of a research assignment or analysis of literature. It is mainly the emphasis of the study sets the projects methodological theme and outlines the guideline in all inquiry facets, analysis, and reporting. This section also describes what individual hopes to gain from the research project and together with the research methodology, it determines and build the choice of data to be collected and analyzed. In the provided research study, the researcher poses a question; "what strategies do some manufacturing human resource leaders apply to proficiently recruit skilled labor?" the question is open to scrutiny and outline the guideline to the researcher on which information, statistics and what the research hopes to tackle.

Conceptual/Theoretical Framework

Provides a rationale for predictions about the relationships among variables of the research study. They intrigue and generate certain theories using inductive processes which assist in providing a context for examining the research question (Yin, R. K. 2014). They also develop the hypothesis as well as a frame of reference, based on observation, a definition of concepts, research designs, and interpretations. For an instant, the research study provided entails a conceptual framework of SHRM, which provided an outline for evaluating the multifaceted employing course in a manufacturing setting. It observes theoretical concepts that involve deliberate and enduring goals of the organization, preemptive planning, and practice on human capital.


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