Stress Reaction of a Professional After Patient Suicide

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To identify typical profiles of professional after a patient suicide to address the severity of stress reaction and its discriminate variables.Hypothesis of the study (interpretation)

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Different professionals have different risk profile and this determines the ability to cope with different stressing events.

Independent variable is suicide while dependent variable is stress. Independent variable is a factor that is not subject to change unlike dependent variable is a factor that has a subject to change.

Sample size obtained by getting 767 institutions that were given the questionnaires. Out of 521 institutions that answered the questionnaires, 152 had experience in patients suicide. 5123 self-administered questionnaires were sent to this institution to be filled by professionals. Out of 1211 professionals who sent back the questionnaire, 704 reported to be having experience in patient suicide. The respondents with lacking data were excluded and a final sample of 558 professional in the institution was obtained. Data was also collected from therapist in private practices that is 769 psychiatrics and 765 psychologists. After excluding professional with missing data the final samples comprised of 108 therapists. Therefore the final sample was 666 mental health and social care givers.

The sample represents the population of health care professionals.

The method used to collect data was self-administered questionnaire.

The study was conducted in health care institution and private practice, the professionals were issued with questionnaires to feel that is between 2006 and 2009 (5 year survey)

Summary of the results

There is a relationship between exposure to suicide and stress reaction of a professional after patient suicide. These results are correlational because the study was testing the relationship by measuring the expose professional to patients and patient suicide and the reaction to stress after patient suicide. Based on the results different professional react differently to patient suicide therefore, they need training and support so as to cope with the event.

The external variable that could affect the results include age and gender. The references noted by the author were 29. The importance of this is to acknowledge the authors of the various sources consulted while conducting the study.


Transat, D.A.C., Heeb, J.L., Gulf, A., & Gutjahr, E.M. (2015). Stress reaction after a suicide and their relation to the profile of mental health professional. BMC psychiatriy, 15(1), 1.

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