Analysis of Different Industries

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There exist distinct differences between the Health product industry and the beer industry. The differences may be categorized based on the type products they offer, target market and the product standards. All citizens above the legal age constitute a market segment that offers business opportunities to beer manufacturers. On the other hand, the healthcare industry does not have a particular clientele and provides services to people of various groups depending on their ailments. Also, the beer industry involves selling of clearly-defined products such as beer and other related products whereas the healthcare industry offers both tangible and intangible products to the clients. As a result, the productivity in the beer industry is higher than that of the healthcare industry.

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The paper manufacturing industry and the hardware industry have several variations ranging from the products, raw materials used to make the products to the target population. Paper and printing sheets are the primary raw materials that are used to manufacture the offered products. On the other hand, hardware industry requires diverse technological materials. The hardware industry commands a wider market as a result of the technological boom, especially with young people whereas paper industrys products are demanded by regular users. Although both industries offer standardized products, the hardware industry enjoys more sales as a result of the tremendous increase in demand for technological products around the world.

The computer industry and book and music industry have witnessed considerable growth as a result of technological advancements. Like any other booming industry, these sectors present unique challenges to those firms aspiring to venture into such businesses. Cost and distribution are the primary factors that are hindering the entrance of players in the industry. Due to the economies of scale, established firms manipulate the market to an extent that smaller companies or new entrants find it tough to operate outside the economic behaviors of the industry leaders. In the computer industry, innovation remains the key driver for profits as firms do not only engage in the production of PCs. In the same breadth, the books and music industry is experiencing new developments as customers can access books and music through online platforms thereby increasing the volumes of sales for industry players. Also, the riskiness of the computer industry poses more threats to the growing firms as their small profit margins cannot support expansion programs within the context of established firms. Conversely, the threat of new entrants in the books and music industry is significant as a result of reduced operational barriers that can only be maneuvered by established firms. Here, online marketing command the power of distributing books and music content to prospective clients. The online platforms have reduced the costs of production and distribution is an irrelevant element when it comes to acquiring market share or remaining afloat.

Inventory is the primary commodities that affect the retailing industry. In this industry, traders use ratios such as sales turnover, Same Store Sales, Sales per Square Foot, Personal Income, and Disposable Income to measure the performance of the business and predict incomes. It is important for prospective retailers to analyze the macroeconomic variables such as interest rates, inflation rate, customer confidence, personal income because the retail industry is largely dependent on the overall performance of the economy. In contrast, the newspaper industry does not rely on the performance of the whole economy. Revenue is generated through advertising and newspaper sales. Another advantage is that the papers focus on a particular segment of the market, and, therefore, issues of losing revenues as a result of poor economic performance do not arise

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