Ritz-Carlton Hotel: Company Mission and Vision Statement

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The Ritz-Carlton hotel company is an organization that goes as per its mission, vision, and values. It is not like any other organization that may have all mission, vision statements, and values but they are just in walls, and no one follows them at all, but in Ritz Carlton hotel they live with them and act as per their statements not leaving behind any stone unturned. Indeed, it is the organization one admires and would like to benchmark to compare it with his/her team and make some adjustments. Apart from being an organization that offers services to its customers and works more efficiently and effectively towards achieving its set goals, it inspires people from different enterprises. Therefore, this topic will entirely cover the Ritz-Carlton hotels vision, and mission statement, their role towards the business operation whether it aligns with these declarations. How do the mission and vision statement guide managers, or employees in an enterprise and its effects?

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The Secret of Service Quality at Ritz-Carlton

"We are gentlemen and ladies serving gentlemen and ladies ( Pathak, & Sharma, 2016)." That is the Ritz-Carlton mission statement. In such terms, this is the best mission ever because all the anticipatory services given by all staff members are a reflection of this mission. In this case, it sounds miraculous because it is hard to go to an organization and find the staff members following their mission statement in their actions. Most of the organizations you will realize that they work parallel with their mission. The Ritz-Carlton inspires life's most meaningful journeys (Asif, & Gouthier, 2014). That is The Ritz-Carlton hotel company vision statement. In that regard, this vision and mission statement gives a good reason as to why the Ritz Carlton hotel is the best hotel in the world. In that case, the Ritz-Carlton not only works towards profit maximization but also fulfills the needs and unexpressed wishes of their guests. It also instills their well-being and enlivens their senses.

How Does the Ritz Carlton Deliver High Customer Satisfaction?

The Ritz-Carlton hotel staff always pledge to provide their guests with the finest facilities and personal services so that they will always feel relaxed, enjoy a warm, yet refined ambiance. It is also a place where guests' genuine comfort and care is their highest mission. The Ritz-Carlton hotel is an organization that fosters a work environment where its mystique is strengthened, the aspirations of individuals are fulfilled, the quality of life is enhanced, and there is the value of diversity. Also, they maximize and nurture talents to the benefit of the company and each by applying the principles of commitment, integrity, respect, honesty, and trust. Moreover, in the Ritz Carlton hotel, their Gentlemen and ladies are the most powerful resource in the service commitment towards the guests.


Due to this, it is a major reason as to why it is necessary for the company to have a mission and vision statements to drive because without those the business will run into jeopardy. Therefore, for any organization that aspires to succeed in achieving its set of goals, it should ensure that the Vision and Mission statements are in place and followed (Tan, & Hoh, 2013). The Ritz-Carlton gives the attendee an opportunity to observe their Gentlemen and ladies in action, and see how culture is perceived. Immediately the participant present identifies and copies the best practices they can transfer and implement in their work environment. Therefore, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel has become the best example to be replicated by other organizations in customer service offering. In such terms, The Ritz-Carlton gentlemen and ladies live the service value, and they always observe and maintain their culture, which is an excellent example to be copied by all companies to set themselves up for greater success.


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