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Specific Medicare is a time conscious profession that require personnel to use the minimum time as much as possible to solve a problem and eventually save a patients life.  We can achieve this by using a computer system. We can distinguish directions, which determine the range of functionality of a computer system for medical purposes: 1) data collection; 2) registration and documentation; 3) provision of information transfer and integration into a single network structure; 4) medical control; 5) information storage and retrieval; 6) data analysis; 7) To assist in the decision; 8) training of staff. Note that most of these systems have a multidisciplinary character and are able to provide assistance and support in solving several problems.

Measurable The time allotted to non medical issues will significantly reduce and medical staffs will not be confused with whats more important. Life expectancy will increase because the computers will monitor and help in the provision of excellent care. The data processing time will be reduced and the crowding of the admission room will be a thing of the past. The staffs can access medical records in different platform.

Achievable Evidence: Epidemiological studies requires reviewing thousands or hundreds of medical records which is both time consuming and stressful. The application of an automated machine in processing the information has provided more precious and valued time to real research not paper review.

Obstacle: The only obstacle that might hinder this innovative idea will be the bureaucratic system of the hospital management who will focus more on the cost of implementing such idea rather than the benefits it will bring to health care, research and medical data management.

Responsibility: It is of course the implementation by the management of the hospital and the systematic course of training for the staffs and potential users of the medical system

Realistic Resources required and availability

People- The people required for this innovation to take place are the medical personnel who on daily bases work with medical information and needs to share these information with other specialists. Availability-yes

Money- The implementation will require a lot of money initially for acquisition and training of personnel but at the long run it will Save the hospital a whole lot of money. Availability-yes

Skills- what the staffs need is just some basic computer skill which I believe anybody can acquire.

Equipment- The required equipment are the computers that will perform the functions.

Knowledge- There is already a lot of information about the automation of medicare and the knowledge about how it will work is well documented.

Timed The timing of the implementation depends on the hospital management. The acceptance of the concept and its deliberations will not be time consuming as the actual designing and development of a custom made computer system. So the timing relatively will depend on the approval by the board.


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