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Blackall, Bernie. Softball. Des Plaines, Ill: Heineman Interactive Library, 1998. Print.

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In this book, Bernie tried to give the history of the softball game, the rules governing it, the skills connected with the sport and the equipment needed to play it efficiently. It asserts that the game can be backdated to the Thanksgiving day of 1887 when several Alumni sat at Illinois Farragut club where they were anxiously waiting for the outcome of Harvard vs. Yale football club. After the result was announced that Yale won, a man picked up a stray boxing glove and threw it to one of the Yale supporters. Then George Hancock grasped the idea and started it all. The information in this book is very useful in the development and clarification of the origin of the game, how it was developed and the type of tools that can be used to play and give clarification about how the pitches can be designed depending on age and event. Therefore, the source is essential for the researcher in the description of softball origin, rules and equipment needed for the play.

"Softball Rules." Missouri S&T - Missouri University of Science and Technology. N.p., n.d.

In this article, the Missouri University of Science and Technology come up with the rules governing softball game. They posit that the game should comprise of the field, players and equipment. The article is also cautioning about wearing rings, necklaces, hearing and bracelets during the game. Thus, the source is essential to researchers since it gives the detailed information about the game, its rules, equipment to be used, and detailed information about how to start a game, battling process, protests, player conducts and balls and strikes. Thus, players and researchers should find the need to love, appreciate and use this article.

Home Page. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Mar. 2016.

In this article, Vienna Girls Softball League gave more clarification about how players of the game can be coached to attain perfection. It defines the roles and responsibilities of the coach before during and after the season starts. It gives the teaching guidance which includes practice and game tips, battling, methods of running, defensive strategies, game lineup and fielding.It also gives advice that when the season ends, both the coach and the player should provide evaluation, critique and eventually perform end of season party.

The article is very relevant for the coaches, players and those who are aspiring to be coaches and players. It gives relevant tips which are very instrumental in both classroom and field work. Thus, the source is very crucial and should be taken into consideration by the researcher while developing a coaching guide and tips for drilling players and softball beginners.

Iveson, Stacey. Softball Skills. Tucson N.p., n.d. Print.

In the book, Iveson and Stacey gives a step by step clarification of softball training process. It explains the use of training aids which include batting trees, fielding aids, pro-mound training aid, pitching aid and hitting aid. The book also describes the philosophy which governs the training of softball. It posits that the trainers and the trainees should not train muscles but movements. The tips in this book are very effective for both trainers and trainees since they are the building block of the entire softball drilling techniques. The content of the book should be used as a masterpiece for colleges, clubs and schools softballs training purposes.

Sandak, Cass R. Baseball and Softball. New York: F. Watts, 1982. Print.

In the book Sadak and his counterpart gives a clarification of the confusion many have had about distinguishing between baseball and softball. They gave the difference and similarities regarding the types of pitches and the distance from the pitch areas to the home plate, the base results, the field size and the size of the ball. Using these similarities and differences, one can comprehend the type of games and appreciate the work of George Hancock as the greater contributor to the global game. Also, the book content will help me develop the research paper with a lot of ease.

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