Setting up a Non-Governmental Organization for Gender Equality

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In todays world gender inequality has consistently reduced due the extensive campaigns that both the government and nongovernmental institutions have undertaken to stop these inhuman acts. Nonetheless, the gender bias drives have only been useful in some countries while others it is still a malignant social problem. That is why I have formulated an idea of starting a gender equality non-governmental institution in Southern Sudan. South Sudan Women and Girls Organization towards Gender Equality (SSGGE) is the name of the NGO, which aims at empowering all women and girls in this region.

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Mission and Vision of SSGGE

Mission Statement

Being an intergenerational organization SSGGE will commit to developing the economic, social, psychological, and physical issues of both women and girls. To accomplish this mission, the organization will involve itself in extensive education and physical fitness procedures. Also, they will embark on organizing, and encourage the communities around first to remove barriers and create opportunities for women and girls in southern Sudan to live self-determined lives.


The organization's primary objective will be to develop a society that has optimal economic, physical, social, and educational systems fostered towards the establishment and fulfillment of all its inhabitants despite their gender. Therefore, SSGGE will provide the community with programs that can develop the skills, self-sufficiency, and strength in the female sex. Women will then be able to make significant choices in their lives with maximum community support and a minimum opposition. Moreover, the organization will take to organizing safety and equality campaigns in all the living and working environments related to women and girls. Some of the environments that will be tackled are the social, educational, political, athletics, health, economic, and the small or larger media platforms.

Steps to Establishing SSGGE

Establishing an NGO is not an easy task. Therefore, several steps will need to be taken to ensure its success.

The first phase will be steered towards establishing the fundamental goals of the organization by going obsolete. A methodology that will be set where the team can work on the two core defined levels. The first tier will be to ensure that the organization can function independently without the constant management of the leader. On the other hand, the second lever will be to drive the support and develop the long-term goals of the NGO.

The second big step will be to set down all the achievable steps that the leader and the organization can realize. Then an action plan will be formulated. This project is structured with an aim of demonstrating the NGOs effectiveness, addressing any potential negativities involved, and to attract any volunteers or donors.

Then the management will develop a companys website early enough. Through this site word is spread to attract volunteers, portray the NGOs professionalism, and to ensure secure funding.

Later the organization will take to researching and understand the local people where the team will be located. By so doing SSGGE will develop solid contact with them thus establishing a good relationship with the community from the start.

The next step will be to assess the financial needs of the organization. This step is important because it helps the NGO to formulate plans that require minimal funding especially the money used in running the team versus the one being used to reach its mission and vision.

Then SSGGE will take to extensive networking. Through networking SSGGE can make friend with organizations and people who are in the NGO field too. This becomes a learning arena for them through evaluating other groups experiences and their success stories.

The next step will establish realistic and balanced goals for the organization. This move will ensure that the NGO does not set down goals that go beyond their limits. Moreover, this is where leaders are expected to lay out practical processes that can allow them to balance their personal and working life too.

The last step is to re-evaluate all the outlined steps. Through this approach, the organization will be able to establish the extents to which the agency has taken to building the NGO in regard to time, money, and efforts.

Members of Staff

In this organization the staff members who will be hired to occupy top management and the positions of staff members. In the top management, there will be the Board of Directors and the Executive Director (Fowler, 2013). The board is acquitted with several responsibilities including hiring and supervising the executive director. Also, they are expected to formulate the organizations budget and approve to it. Also, they have another responsibility of championing the NGOs cause and to ensure that SSGGE is adequately represented in the larger community. Besides, it is their duty to raise funds for all the projects formulated by the NGO. The Executive Director or the CEO is responsible for driving the organization to the right direction. The CEO is also expected to manage all the day to day businesses at SSGGE. Then there is the staff members category. This group is responsible for the organizations daily functioning and implementation of all the projects and programs (Moghadam, 2015). The team members are divided into three categories where those required dealing with the administration work, publicity, and projects/ programs implementation. An administrative manager will lead in all the administrative activities. Under this person, there will be several staff members the finance assistant and a Membership Coordinator being inclusive.

The finance manager in this NGO will be required to undertake all the fundraising activities. On the other hand, the group director is expected to manage the organizations members customer relations and membership fees. Communication activities are the sole responsibility of the communications manager and one employee. Under this two there will be the publications section, public relations, and Web media assistants (Fowler, 2013). The public relations assistant, program director, and finance assistant work together to publicize and build the name of the organization. On the other hand, the publications assistant, the public relations assistant, and web media personality work together to publicize timely and disseminate the organization's activities on a wider scope. The program manager is responsible for all activities related to the project and its implementation. It is the biggest section of the organization in form and structure. Therefore, several assistants help in its success. They include the training assistants and project assistants. Under this department, there are some other temporary employees who will be hired to undertake specified projects. For instance, there will be some consultants and field staff who will be brought in for analytical purposes while the field team will be used to reach the target members in the community.

Most required Management Function at SSGGE

Being a green organization this NGO will need the financial management support more than other managerial positions. This is because of the excessive regulations and requirements that everybody is expected to follow. In most countries local legislations and regulations require that a registered NGO maintain a well laid down financial record (Vinkenburg, 2011). The most needed financial records are those related to all the implemented projects and the day to day running of the organization. Therefore, the group will need a proper fiscal policy that can only be executed by a finance manager.

The manager will consequently ensure to keep an active accounting system that is easily manageable and transparent. Moreover, if the finance department maintains well outlined systematic procedures and policies, they will demonstrate to the world that SSGGE is a healthy organization. As a result, donor agencies will always be happy to fund the NGO through all its projects. Importantly, a well computed financial transaction on a daily basis demonstrates that the organization is under good governance, it has a systematic management, and it is transparent (Fowler, 2013). Further, a well-implemented finance department enables the organization to keep a good track of all their expenditures which protects the company from going bankrupt.

SSGGE Prime Programs

SSGGE will offer Southern Sudan community gender-related programs using three approaches. The first one will be the capability dimension where it will meet the womens human needs through education programs, nutrition, and health. The second aspect will provide eased access to resources and opportunities dimension. From this approach, women and girls will be taught on how to access economic assets, resource, and political opportunities (Moghadam, 2015). The third domain will deal with programs pertaining security. This approach will implement all matters related to conflicts and violence. To ensure the success of all the three dimensions strategic processes will be formulated to ensure their success.

To make sure that young girls are enjoying gender equality from the education sector the NGO will help pave the way for them to access schooling both at the preschool and elementary levels of education. Moreover, SSGGE as an organization that is envisioned to provide equality will guarantee South Sudan women, girls reproductive health, and sexual rights (Moghadam, 2015). Further, the group will invest in proper ways through which the time burden that most women and girls face is reduced. This approach will ensure that women and girls increase their participation in activities encompassing civics, education, and production. Thus, the female gender will be empowered economically and politically instead of being limited to the household maintenance responsibilities. Another implementation that SSGGE will ensure to guarantee the female sex in this community is the right to property and inheritance. They will be taught on how to flourish on economic security. This will be done through training programs where they will be educated on how to claim ownership of assets like land and houses so that they can grow even earn income from these undertakings (Moghadam, 2015). The other strategic priority that this organization has in place is to teach women about the importance of claiming and increasing the numbers in the political arenas especially in the legislature and the local governments. Also, SSGGE will ensure to combat the cases of violence against women and girls in the southern Sudan community. This is because violence negatively impacts on the health and development of individuals from the female gender. And lastly, the organization will dwell extensively on domestic and sexual abuse issues.

Leadership style at SSGGE

Due to the continuously rapidly changing and volatile environment that most organizations are operating this organization has determined that the best leader to head this NGO must demonstrate transformational leadership characteristics (Vinkenburg, 2011). NGOs today require a leader who can envision, enable, empower, and one who can energize the organization towards its success. Moreover, this kind of a leader must bear a realistic, aspiration, and cool leadership style due to the changes that are being evidenced in the world today. Considering that Africa is still in its growth era the leader who is going to be deployed in Sudan will have to show that they can integrate both the manager responsibilities and still be value driven. Moreover, they have to be ambitious and expertly employ the resources that the organization can afford in an extensively...

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