Literary Analysis Essay on Zag by Marty Neumeier: Creating a Brand in Todays Market

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ZAG: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands is an excellent business-oriented book written by Martyr Neumeier. According to this book, creating a brand in today’s market is quite natural. However, the challenge comes when that brand cannot establish how it can stand out in this crowded business market (Neumeier, 2007). Therefore, in his book Neumeier has outlined that the only way to become successful in this confusing market is through differentiation. By radical distinction, a brand will create a lasting value to its consumers and shareholders.

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What Is the Purpose of the Book?

Marty Neumeier’s book ZAG convincingly presents its ideas straightforwardly and is also a quick read material. The author has outlined 17 quickly outlined steps to creating a brand that is clearly different from others and one that maintains its ZAG. His main concept is very simple, primarily stating when everybody zigs, zag (Neumeier, 2007). Throughout the book, Marty ensures that his readers are provided with ideas on how to quickly brand their products by outlining insightful tips on how to develop a brand that impresses its consumers and improves up their already standing selling concept by some notches. Notably, this book is paramount in encouraging anybody who is interested in starting his or her business or anyone with a small enterprise that is seeking to establish itself firmly.

Evaluation of the Book

In this book, the author presents his strategies in a fresh outlook by convincing the reader that the success of a business is not determined by the brand but by its consumers. Therefore, brands must work extremely hard to stand out from today’s marketing clutter. With this strategy, Neumeier outlines that these outcomes can only be realized if the brand produces a strong identity and distinctively creates a great consumer experience. Moreover, a marketer must understand the basics of radical differentiation if they are objectively motivated to flourish their brands. From his book, Neumeier states that When the focus is paired with distinction, supported by a trend, and surrounded by compelling communications, you have the essential ingredients of a zag (Neumeier, 2007). Neumeier further provides real-life examples of businesses that have applied Zag in their businesses leading to their success. Starting from small and personalized coffee shops to large companies like Apple. This book is very useful to all brands globally considering that they are all scrambling to become distinctive from each other due to the fear of being overshadowed by the already flourished and established brands.

Nonetheless, Martyr’s book does not convince its reader enough when it comes to expounding on the incompatibility of Zag with best practices that are the usually familiar and acceptable doings. In this case, the reader is left with a dilemma of what to do: should they abandon all the best practices and do business the Zag way or should they keep practicing the usual common and acceptable practices? (Neumeier, 2007). Additionally, this book relates to my personal life in several aspects with the work I have learned that although my brand stands out from the rest of my competitors, there is the need to keep it going. Therefore, there is the need to keep my brand zagging, and this can only be identified if I keep my consumers impressed for a very long time. With my cultural background, I have learned that could be one radical way of differentiation. By doing so I can identify my brand with a particular people's way of living which is one way of making potentially loyal consumers from a particular culture. While on personal grounds I have understood that brands are not just made, they have to stand out from others if at all there is a possibility of nurturing it to become an empire.


Neumeier’s book Zag is an excellent, compelling, and great idea trigger. For other interested readers, it is important to begin reading immediately because Neumeier’s strategies and ideas are not only insightful but also valuable. More so, individuals to establish their businesses and ensure that their visions come true can use these ideas. That is why due to the impacts that this book has had on me I rate it at 6 out of 10.


Neumeier, M., & American Institute of Graphic Arts. (2007). Zag: The number-one strategy of high-performance brands; a whiteboard overview. Berkeley, Calif: New Riders.

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