Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe Case

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All schools whether public or private have the responsibility of ensuring students get equal rights and services; there should be no minority or majority group of any kind. However, issues relating to religion remains to be the most crucial part of the day to day life. For instance, schools admit students of different religious backgrounds and hence showing more concern for people of a particular religious group may bring the entire institution into dangerous chaos. Santa Fe High Schools student took the initiative of presenting a prayer in the public address department prior the events of varsity games. On the other hand, students were expected to turn up and listen to the sermon delivered by one chosen student (Hankins, 2001). However, the controversy is that there some individuals who cannot afford to miss the games irrespective of them exposure to a religious speech that does not compliment with their belief (Lee v. Weisman, 505 U. S. 577).

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Though the idea of invocation relates to the dishonoring of some peoples religion, the district court held that it was a way of solemnizing the football events. However, the argument did not favor all the groups because there was no coercion. Nevertheless, Santa Fe High School argues that invocation is like a cultural activity that has been going on for some time, Wallace, 472 U. S., at 73, 76 addresses.

Additionally, there are some issues that one can deduce from Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe case. First, does choose a single student from one religious group respects the right of a student considering the act of being in minor or major group in a school? The reason as to why schools are closing down especially in most religious-sensitive countries like the United States is due to ignorance of the leaders. Each person needs to feel superior to the modern world and hence exposing anyone to a situation that disrespects his/her feelings calls for legal actions (Horwitz, 2008). Therefore, the choice made by the district concerning invocation calls the court to take actions. The school is made up of different religious groups, and once one group emerges in public, then the other groups will seek for the same favors. As a result, there will be hatred and leadership wrangles that will slowly ruin the institution.

The decision of the court is polite and precise. It holds to the fact that forcing students to attend an event that presents religious issues that are opposite to what he/she believes may lead to tragic constitutional injury. On the other hand, the Court discusses the issue of the district conducting an electoral process that chooses an individual from either of the religious group to perform the invocation. The activity is insane and reveals how the region is less concerned with the harm of students. By implementing such decision, it is like starting a war between the majority and minority which may not end well. Additionally, institutions should understand that any public or private property needs as much care as possible. Any individual with the intention of leading people to war is a threat to the community and needs to face the law. Therefore, before implementing any decision, it is necessary to consult and listen to how various people think of it.


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