Riverbend City Mission: Case Study

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Case study
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It involves an 83-year-old man, Sheldon Greenberg who is hospitalized once and was in remission with cancer. He was checked and had to be admitted to the hospital since cancer had returned and had drained his lungs which according to the diagnosis, Mr. Greenberg was in the end-stage. This paper will evaluate and answer different questions relating to Sheldon Greenbergs Case. It will also offer analysis concerning the Riverbend City concerning collaboration skills mission.

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Collaboration and Conflict among Professionals

Within the setting of Riverbend, the partnership begins with the Rabbi and Sheldon’s family when Mrs. Florman proceeds with the conversation in the context of the writing.

Collaboration between Mrs. Florman and Rabi Zimmerman

There is evidence of cooperation visible between Susan and the Rabi after Susan approves and accepts the offer for the data and information concerning the Jewish belief and the traditions of the process of dying together with the handling of the body after the demise of an individual. Additionally, as Sheldon requests his sister to view his body before his death, both of them provided a solution that that would enable him to see Sheldon regardless of her consideration concerning Sheldon’s religious customs.


Moreover, there are several instances through which conflict occurs. Its occurrence is visible when Sheldon’s sister, Judith, seeks to deliver a eulogy but according to the faith of the Jews, the body needs to be buried within 24 hours after death. The occurrence of conflict also takes place when the Rabbi desires to maintain the faith of the Jews. Also, there is the occurrence of conflict whereby Sheldon does not receive enough medication to relieve pain, and this happens as an effect of the need to adhere to the Jewish customs.

Collaboration Across Disciplines

Within the scenario concerning Sheldon with the setting of the Riverbend City Mission, the collaboration among disciplines is also visible in different configurations of the writing. A social worker (Chandra Capshaw) and hospice nurse (Justine Nelson) collaborated about the description of the case about Sheldon and concluded that home care would render proper benefits for Sheldon. During the delivery of Sheldon’s attention at home, different characters collaborated. They include the hospital social worker (Jon Conklin), the RN hospice nurse (Rita Woods), and also the Riverbend senior services personnel.

Also, there was more collaboration within the setting. Cooperation between the Rabbi, Charlotte Lambert (hospice nurse), and Mrs. Florman is evident from a meeting held. The meeting was to deliver a discussion concerning the traditions of the Jews and the conditions to adhere to them especially in the process of administering pain medication. In the final happening of the writing, collaboration is also evident as there is an extension of the time for the burial to occur so Sheldon’s sister could attend and take part in the services.

The Power of Trust in Relationships

With the involvement of the different events in the Riverbend City Mission, there is a need for trust. For collaboration and negotiation to occur, trust is needed to enhance interaction which in one way or the other promotes interpersonal relationships. In the various cases of cooperation, the involved characters required the management of contact which in the collaborative teams plays a fundamental role that ensures these teams work together and none of them violates the rights of the other. Thus, building proper trust in a relationship does not only signify the existence of collaboration but also ensures the continuation of active teams. Faith helps in creating a general basis for each interaction since there is the presence of credibility, honesty, and character at large.

Evaluation of the Strengths and Weakness in Collaboration

In the formation of each team collaboration, there are different strengths and weaknesses visible within the events of the collaborating team. However, the team is collaborating in various ways regarding the involved individuals. The primary power that Mr. Greenberg’s team involves the ability to have a common goal. The goal looks at ensuring that Mr. Greenberg’s concerns acquire addressed. With the different communication between the family and the professionals, they all hope that Mr. Greenberg’s sister would see him before he dies, but she is unwilling and reluctant to see him at this point in his illness, but she is comfortable attending the final event. Every involved person is willing to ensure that Mr. Greenberg receives the best palliative care to an extent his doctor educates them on the process of end of life. An example revolves around the situation when Susan looks for information and help from Maggie Hardin and Kiki Berger.

On the other hand, there are weaknesses within the collaboration of the team. For instance, there is a lack of consistent communication. The lack of constant interaction is evident from the events in the scenes. One of the scenarios includes Sheldon, where his sister fails to understand the extent of Sheldon’s sickness until Susan calls her. Also, another weakness revolves around the occurrence where Judith is less aware of the desire of Sheldon to see her and the impact of his faith at the given moment. With the lack of proper communication, Susan is not clear about the Stance of Judith concerning the Jewish custom and religion.

Approaches to Professionals Helping Sheldon

In the setting of the writing, two professionals involved with the team collaboration that helped in solving the conflict include Jon Conklin and Rita Woods. In the description of the entire setting, these characters play a significant role in the implementation of the collaboration where they offer their services to Sheldon’s case. When Sheldon needed a home, they ensured and maintained that he acquired the appropriate care he needed. With every activity they undertake, they play a primary role in providing that there is a growing use of collaboration. Their approaches to the problem revolve around the issue concerning the care. They offer the services just as the family to Sheldon which in one way or the other also provides relevant information to the family. With every happening, they assist in ensuring that there is a collaboration that facilitates dealing with the conflict.

Recommendation of the Strategies

With the happenings of the scenes and every activity, there is a fundamental issue that requires more attention than the others. As a recommendation concerning the strategies to deliver support and help the collaborative team to be more efficient, they revolve around the communication between the collaboration teams.

First, I would recommend the education and awareness that would help maintain open communication and interaction. It would be very developing for the involved professionals, to encourage openness, especially by Sheldon. The transparency would have played a vital part whereby Sheldon would speak about his feelings. With the clearness, it would help him inform the nurses about the increasing pain. Also, he requires encouragement to talk to the Rabbi and his family about his troubles. Thus, the collaborative team would work together efficiently.

Secondly, I would recommend a plan of action that would deliver on the discussion about handling vital decisions. These revolve around the predicament that in case the family is in a hard position for instance when they would divert religious customs for example burial. The strategy would offer appropriate practices delivering the interaction especially between Sheldon and his sister. Also, it would render details on the communication with the doctors and other involved professionals. To sum everything up, it is fundamental to maintain appropriate collaboration in collaborative teams, which plays a principal role especially in the setting of illness scenarios.

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