Rhenus Logistics Company: Services, Norms and Strategy

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Rhenus Logistics Company was started in the year 1912 by the amalgamation of two companies: Badische Actienesellschaft fur Rheinschiffahrt und Seetransport and Rheinschiffahrts Actiengesellschaft companies. The company was then known as Rhenus Transport GmbH. Later as the German economy deteriorated, the company underwent more management changes where it became acquired by companies such as the VEBA Company (1934) and the Hugo Stinnes AG (1969), Rethmann AG & Co (1998).The company merged with many more companies thus undergoing a series of expansion and popularity. In 1984 the company had become active worldwide with about 20 operating sites in other countries. By 1988, the company had set up three public companies responsible for its operational management that is Rhenus Weichelt AG which handled road freight transport, Thenus Lager und Umschlag AG which dealt with warehousing, transshipment and inland waterway shipping and the Rhenus Transport International which overlooked international freight forwarding and air freight. The company took over a logistic center in Dortmund (1998) which expanded into a multiuser center that was able to accommodate several customers. The company then expanded its logistics facilities through the whole of Europe and France having with annual sale of over EUR 3 billion and staff members ranging between 13000- 14000 in number between 2004 and 20008. Recently the Company has developed into a company with a turnover of EUR 4.6 billion with more than 500 locations worldwide and over 26000 members of staff. They currently deal with Contract, Freight and Port Logistics and are also involved in public transport where they analyze highly complex logistics operations and optimize them using individual solutions which cover sourcing, production and distribution ("About Ourselves - Rhenus Logistics", 2016).

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The company ensures that the customers needs are at the heart of each and everything they do, they thus ensure that each member of staff is of a high caliber and is highly motivated. They make quality a key goal in that there are comprehensive quality assurance systems and dedicated employees who aim at meeting the highest standards of their service provision. The Company also insists on a high level of integrity of all the members of staff showing a high degree of honesty, time consciousness, creativity and respect of authority, colleagues and other staff members among other.


The company ensures that fair deals are conducted by fighting corruption and using the Transparency International as a source of information for the problems related to corruption in target markets. Also the company operates in accordance to the OECD.FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT

The company has enlarged its coverage into other continents which enable it to invest directly into the various countries it is located. For instance, by establishing the Rhenus Logistics India joint with Indian company Western Arya, the company is able to invest into the Indian economy through tax payments and payments of other incentives to the government of India.


The company mainly ventures into new markets by absorbing and taking over smaller companies such as the South Asian Prolog Group in 2013 which enabled them to take over the market-leading services provider for technical installation and distribution work in Great Britain and the UK. Ensuring huge returns in their dealings, they are able to acquire more than 50% shares in weaker companies and thus take over these companies. This enables them venture into new locations and thus new markets.


The company employs mostly the Generallly Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) in most of it locations such as in Russia, United Kingdom, India and the UK. This helps enforce the companies accounting guidelines and policies.


The company employs the transnational strategy since it concentrates on both multidomestic strategy in its Contract Logistics and Public transport sectors and the global strategy in the Freight and Port Logistics. In this case the company aims at observing both efficiency and responsiveness to local and global markets ("Types of International Strategies", 2016).


The company is strategically located in several major towns in the world. This enables a decentralized operation which ensures that the company provides its services quickly and efficiently and thus meeting the needs of the customer in a satisfactory manner. The company has locations in major continents: Asia located in Hong Kong, China, India among other countries; Europe located in France, Portugal, and Germany among other countries; and America located in Brazil.


The Company ensures that it is well publicized through effective channels such as the internet and many commercials that are broadcasted on television. They have also initiated additional local services in their public transport sector which is a strategy to persuade people to use public transport.


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