Leadership Skills at a Growing Company

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Every successful entity needs the inspiration and vision of a great leader who is committed to the company and its individual goals and tenets. A leader consolidates the strengths of the company and looks for models that are meant to improve the weaknesses thereby improving the individual models and attributes of the entity. Samman is a great leader whose vision and fundamental concepts for the development of his company have been taken up by the employees of the company to improve the level of service delivery by the corporation. CMCS has grown exponentially since it first became operational and has drawn its individual models and attributes from Samman, who is the leader. Samman exhibits different leadership styles thereby creating a natural hub for the development and success of the company. The growth of the company has posed as a major challenge since the connection of Samman with his clients has since become difficult although he wishes to ensure that all the clients associate the company with the leader, therefore, he should be in a position to serve all customers or meet with them. Samman concept is unique for a big and successful company that has made his company succeed immeasurably, however, if the company is to grow further it will need to institute a framework that will be drawn from other leadership styles. This paper assesses the leadership style exhibited by Samman and the viability of the model in an environment where the company is projected to grow further in the coming years.

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CMCS has come a long way, and the level of challenges and problems that the company has faced to date has been massive. However, through Samman's image, the company has managed to hold on to its roots and connect with its customers in the region. The company started in Kuwait, but after Samman had reinvented the company, it managed to connect and create a web in more than six countries in the area. One of the leadership styles that has been exhibited by CMCS is a democratic leadership skills. Since Samman has had some of the employees especially those in management for up to nine years, he listens to their views as they forge a way forward together. Samman reckons that it is very critical for his company to ensure that the ideas of all the leaders and employees in the company are noted and acted on. The democratic leadership model has trickled down to the connection between the workers and their leaders in individual cells making it possible to connect and take necessary steps that are needed to grow the company accordingly.

Samman notes the importance of the employees for the company since they create and develop the models that are used to support and strengthen the company. As such he has made sure that the employees are supported and their models instituted appropriately through the company. Different attributes or aspects can be drawn from individual models, however, it is important to note that the firm has established a proper structure that has been born out of aiming to meet the demands of the employees. The company seeks to ensure that the rate of turnover of the employees is very low amid interest from other businesses. Samman has managed to meet these requirements for the business through inspiring and changing the employees' mindset. Samman's leadership style, in this case, is a transformational leader who has managed to keep the employees at the company willingly. There is a difference between the models that the company has instituted and the individual models that have been implemented thereby giving a chance for the company to improve in structure through a secure base from the employees. Samman has ensured that his employees are taken through training, and the level of diversification of the employees in the company is also visible. He has managed to institute a structure where he has used the same employees for years through giving them a chance to improve their careers and highly discourages moving to another company if it's not for vast sums of money.

Although Samman has a structure that has been derived and modelled through proper leadership models, the company has been overrun by the number of projects and customers that it has had to attend to. Samman believes that for the company to advance there should be a proper basis for control and the models used are systematically developed. There is a chance for individuals within the society to create a dynamic structure that is meant to monitor the workload that has been so high for the company since Samman wants to control all aspects of the enterprise individually. He is adamant that he should be the image of the business and in an entity that has branches in more than six countries and growing a single individual cannot meet the workload. He believes that the model that is currently used by the company meets the requirements of the entity and ensures that all the high ranking members do not feel marginalized by him. However, although he believes that he has delegated the duties to other members, this is not accurate given the level of controls that has been formed in the present societal structure. Some individual models can be drawn from his management and leadership style since it has managed to succeed in developing the company but changes are imminent for the company.

The company has instituted and adopted a proper working model that is grilled and developed from a series of individual events and models. There is a difference between the models that are used when the company is at the infancy stage and the attributes instituted as the enterprise develops. Although the leader has managed to deal with the pressure and all the needs of the customers to date, this is slated to change in future. If the company is to expand further into Europe and other Asian countries, the leader needs to ensure that he adopts another model to ensure the success of the enterprise. Although he is adamant that he cannot change the current model due to the success it has brought, he needs to be flexible and institute models that will help the company in developing further. A single individual cannot meet the demands of hundreds of clients at once, therefore looking for better and more vibrant management styles is critical.

One of the approaches that he should contemplate using is developing the brand image from the company itself and not its leader. Samman has drawn up the picture of the company through his models and development strategies and goals. Since customers look up to him as the brand image of the company, they are adamant that they should be served or, at least, meet with him before making the necessary deals with the company. Samman has therefore been worked to the brim since he has had to meet with all the customers and seal the deals individually. However, the company should manage to last after him, therefore, building the image around the company and not the leaders as an individual is, therefore, critical. Samman has a responsibility towards ensuring that he derives accurate working models and structures that can be accomplished by other leaders within the company. He is in a position to create a working model and derive the best attributes and models that can be highly developed through individual aspects and structures within the company.

In addition, Samman is not the only leader of the company and consolidating all the powers in his office makes expansion of the business to other regions difficult. He should manage the company in a manner that it can be extrapolated and used by other companies in the society. It is, therefore, critical to developing a working relationship with all the employees, therefore, developing a working relationship with other employees. If the company is to move forward, it needs to alienate from the single aspect of a single office of power and control and develop the company further. Samman will have to create a company that is drawn from the models used thereby creating the best growth model. Companies that are looking to be global should draw from individual models and develop further as an entity since a single person can not control them.

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