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Cafe Boulud restaurant is located in Four Seasons Hotel, Yorkville, Toronto. The restaurant which opened in 1998 is owned by Daniel Boulud who is restaurateur and celebrity chef (Cafe Boulud, 2010). The cafe is easy, sleek and provides its entire staff with freedom to have fun as they serve their clients. One can easily contact the owners through the Dinex Group 16 East 40th Street, 5th Floor New York, or New York 10016 212-794-2600 (Cafe Boulud, 2017). The cafe serves sensationally changing meals and drinks founded in the French traditions. Almost every day, the cafe offers more than 30 dishes, and the most important thing is that none of them is ordinary.

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Cafe Boulud is a fast casual dining with a wide array of the menu for both the drinks and foods. It consists of classic French appellations, North America wines such as Ontarios finest and Mediterranean producers wines (Cafe Boulud, 2017). The list extends food friendly and value driven wines complementing the Chef Daniel cuisine. The menu draws unique wines and pours rare with the help of the Coravin system that enables guests to enjoy worth amazing gifts by the glass without necessarily pulling the cork. The restaurant wines offer fantastic components to the dining table which annihilates guests as they experience old world traditions in a friendly, comfortable and relaxed setting. It provides an excellent overview of the Central Park as their customers enjoy a refreshing breeze. It is one of the best sites for family or couples outs.

The cafe bar contains a spirited lounge situated on the ground floor. The bar serves a wide variety of diverse menu of a small plate of complete meals. It's worth mentioning that Daniel Boulud bar serves a wide array of creative and classic cocktails. To make the guests feel relaxed, a DJ always spins tunes every day in particular at night except on Sunday as the lounge closes at 9.00 pm. The following is a piece of the classic cocktails offered by the cafe as wines and spirits (Cafe Boulud, 2017).

The cafe has separate sections of menu such as wines and beers, desserts, appetizers, and entrees. Each of these sections has a broad range of items making providing their guests with a wide variety of selections. I would suggest a pair of radicchio salad and mixed greens with white and red Burgundy wines as they are delicious, to say the least especially when accompanied with black bass entree. I would also suggest a slice of chicken, sunchoke soup and postage Lyonnais with champagne for a party offers the most affordable decent meal in the restaurant especially for average customers.

The menu is competitive, and one may be stranded in choosing an item due to huge varieties though its best as it gives customers a great experience. I would invite my family to have a dinner with them and experience different meals.


Cafe Boulud Wines and Spirits Menu



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