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Kericho Electronics is a limited liability company that is mainly engaged in the purchase and the distribution of electronic products. The company operates in two key divisions: the consumer division and the distribution division. The company focuses on the sale of second-hand mobile phones and other electronic devices that act as an ancillary service to mobile communications and other device solutions. The company offers monitors, mobile phones, digital television sets, video and audio equipment memory cards; solid state drives printers and USB flash drives. The company meets the demand of our consumers by importing most of the electronic devices and distributing them to consumers. Additionally, a branch ships out a large consignment of electronics to business partners both in the country and outside the country. The purchase of second-hand electronic devices is sold to the developing countries whereby the levels of technology have not yet caught up. Some of our specific consumers include individual persons who may walk into our shops, non-governmental organizations, government organizations (computer devices), schools, and public address systems companies (Johal, Campbell & Marsh, 2015). The competitive advantage that the organization has is based on purchasing in bulk. Additionally, few companies operate in the local area. The business model employed by the firm is an independent electronics firm and will have various representatives both locally and internationally. This ensures that the company has a competitive advantage over its rivals as it ensures that it has a big market share. The other strategy employed by the firm in the bid to maintain a competitive advantage over its rivals by providing a free shipping service to consumers or customers who purchase the electronic products in bulk.

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Name Reservation

Some of the potential names of the company included: Digital solutions, Kericho Datasend, Kahawa Solutions, Electronics world, and Kericho electronics. The name Kericho Electronics Limited Liability Company was available after searching the California Secretary of States business name database. The name was then reserved after completing the Name Reservation Request Form.

Articles of Organization

Articles of Incorporation of Kericho Electronics Company Limited

The signatories (insert your name) whose address is 1120 N Street Sacramento916-654-5266 being at least eighteen years of age does hereby form a company under the laws of the State of California

Article I

The Name of the Company

The name of the Company shall be Kericho Electronics Company Limited

Article II

The Nature of the Business

The aim of this company is to participate in purchase and sale of electronic products. Moreover, this corporation may participate in or handle all lawful actions or business legalized under the laws of the United States, the State of California or any other state, region, territory or country.

Article III

The Capital Stock of the Company

The maximum amount of shares of stock that this business is approved to have outstanding at any particular time is 2000 shares of joint stock having a par value of the $400per share.

Article IV

The Resident Agent

The appellation of the original Resident Agent for this company is (Insert name) whose residence is 1111 N Street Sacramento 916-654-5266

Article V

The Term of Presence

This company shall exist perpetually.

Article VI

Limitation of Liability

Each stockholder, director, and officer, in contemplation for his/her services, shall, in the absence of fraud, be insured, whether then still employed or not, for the rational cost and expenses sustained by him/her with regard to the defense of, or for assistance regarding any claim proclaimed or arranged brought against him by reason of his being or having been a director, stockholder or officer of the company or of any secondary of the company, whether or not wholly-owned, to the determined extent acceptable by law. The preceding right of indemnification shall be all-encompassing of any other rights to which any stockholder, director or officer may be permitted as a matter of law (Gomtsian, 2015).

Article VII

The Board of Directors

The number of executives of the company shall be one (3) which number may be increased pursuant to the regulations of the company. The name of the manager who shall act until the first assembly or until their beneficiaries are duly selected and competent is (insert name).

Article VIII

The Incorporator

The name and address of the incorporator are:

Insert name

1120 N StreetSacramento916-654-5266

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have contracted these articles and concede the same act.

The Signature of the Incorporator



I hereby consent to my title in this document as resident agent for this company.

The Signature of the Resident Agent Listed as Article IV



The Filing Party's Name and the Return Address:

Headquarters1111 N Street Sacramento 916-654-5266

Registered Agent

The company that will act as the registered agent for Kericho Electronics limited liability company is California Incorporation. The address of the registered agent is 1212 N StreetSacramento 616-754-4466. The contact name is California incorporation limited. Fax number 667722-55. Email contacts. [email protected] . website address:

Statement of Information

the name of the company is Kericho Electronics Limited liability company. the purpose of the business is to purchase and sale general electronic appliances. The registered agent is California Incorporation. The address of the company is 1120 N Street Sacramento 916-654-5266


Johal, J. S., Campbell, C. A., & Marsh, M. C. (2015). Limited Liability Companies. California Legal Forms--Transaction Guide, 6.

Gomtsian, S. (2015). Governance of Publicly Traded Limited Liability Companies, The. Del. J. Corp. L., 40, 207.

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