Revisiting NCHL Competencies

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First, in promoting organizational awareness competency, I have extensively used quality improvement tools and other techniques which have impacted achievement of service improvement and numerous changes such as alterations in the healthcare processes. To ensure progressive enhancement of this competency, I ought to establish an improvement leaders' guides. I believe that the improvement leaders' guide will enhance innovative outcomes by acting as an empowering resource since it is easily accessible to users and it also provides professional guidelines and back up (Bartunek, 2011). I, therefore, recommend promotion and full support in educating and training healthcare providers which will not only improve service delivery services, but it will also build patient's confidence. Similarly, errors committed during treatment and data recording are likely to reduce (Batalden et al., 2011). Organizational awareness will spread the knowledge enhancement to all without discrimination.

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Additionally, I have pursued information seeking competency, which has promoted patient safety. Leakage of confidential information in healthcare facilities was prevalence in the center. Thus, I developed necessary rules, policies, and practices that all Medicare centers should adhere to. Much is needed in the health sector to ensure and enhance service provision and especially leaking of confidential information (Argote, 1999). To avoid violation of patients' confidentiality, I ought to encourage the maintenance of systems such as the provision of passwords to personal computers and data encryption. Once the procedures are implemented appropriately, the challenge will eventually come to a close and build doctor-patient trust.

Moreover, professionalism competency promotes integrity and ethical practices, which form the primary values attached to the domain. Many service providers practice ethical malpractices. Almost every individual has experienced fraud in medical facilities such as corruption, overcharging and even death due to inadequate services and neglect by the healthcare practitioners (Bowden & Smits, 2011). To solve the issue, I suggested auditing of financial accounts and surprise visits and regular supervisions which have significantly reduced the malpractices. I plan to initiate compulsory policies and practices, which should be implemented and followed by all practitioners in the institutions. If all the set processes are accomplished successfully, it will ensure sufficient and efficient service provision.


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