Resolved to Be a Lifelong Learner

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It has been the consensus by both the policy makers and the educators that lifelong learning is essential and desirable. The real journeys of discovery not only consist of seeking of new landscapes rather it also involves having new eyes. The question that arises is whether lifelong learning is related to the widely used concept of lifelong education. More often, education has been seen as a platform to prepare one for the future life; however it is suggested that learning is a process spanning for a persons entire lifetime. A varied agenda has been rightly defined by Field and Leicester pertaining the lifelong learning which contributes to the wholesome development of a person by giving emphasis to citizenship through political education; economic wellbeing through vocational training and personal development acquired from liberal education (Field & Leicester, 2006). It is therefore evident that lifelong learning is necessary for an individual as well as the entire society.

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To answer the question of whether the concept is relevant for the nurses; the link to a necessary element of practice in nursing profession is partly considered as well as continued competence. It is an obligation as well as professional responsibility of every nurse to maintain competence. It is suggested that continued competency with dedication by nurses eventually leads to clinical excellence, boosting disease control efforts and contributing to the best possible patient outcomes.

Excellence in nursing practice will involve a committed effort to learn and apply new knowledge and understanding. Professional critical care nurses must be very competent in performing their tasks and making complex well thought decisions having life or death consequences on the patients. The always increasing vulnerability to diseases demands for competence and safe practice in health care provision. This therefore obliges the nursing profession to meet the complex challenges of high quality care with the available knowledge and skills. (Association of American Medical Colleges & American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AAMC &AACN],(2010). Generally, lifelong learning and reflective learning maintains continued competence in the nursing practice.

Despite the fact that employers may facilitate the lifelong learning process and continued competence in nursing practice, it is necessary to understand that it is the responsibility of every professional nurse to ensure that they focus on their personal development. In order to determine their individual, nurses need to be self-motivated so as to practice responsibly in their profession. Evaluating individual competence based on varied feedback is as well necessarily important (Association of American Medical Colleges & American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AAMC &AACN], 2010). The stated qualities are helpful in understanding the difference between the lifelong learning processes from other common basic education models which put more stress on acquisition of knowledge and skills- the process of lifelong learning is more essential since it capable of bringing a long-lasting personal satisfaction and even bringing joy to the entire learning and practice, it can as well enhance ones professional identity and value which can eventually act as a strategy to prevent burnout.

With the start of another year, it is advocated that nurses need to evaluate their personal and professional lives since the time is for the new resolutions, this therefore ensures that lifelong learning is embraced in the nursing practice as well as giving the nurses a new perspective of looking into the nursing practice(Field & Leicester, 2006).

In conclusion, knowledge becomes power in any medical profession if it stretched all through the entire period of practice. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills blended with the new perspective of looking into the nursing practice positively impacts the health care on varied levels. A committed engagement in lifelong learning has unlimited benefits to nurses as well as the institutions they practice and in the long run, patient care.


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