Role of Teaching Hospitals for Patients and Physicians

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It is worth noting that teaching hospital plays an important role for patients and physicians. Practically, these hospitals train physicians, offer specialized services, acts as a center for research and innovation development and offers residency training. The report is compelling as it offers detailed information on the important roles of teaching hospitals.

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Training Physicians

Foremost students train for four years at allopathic or osteopathic medical schools. Training future health care professionals while supporting an environment where biomedical and clinical research can flourish is important. Essential education activities including internship and residency programs that enhance quality care in institutions are available. Training is an essential part of the mission of teaching hospitals as they sponsor these educational programs. There is also rural training of physicians where policymakers have called for training in rural areas to alleviate the shortage of physicians (Eden, July 2014).

Offer specialized services

Secondly, teaching hospitals prepare physicians for new demands of changing health care environment by using health information technology. New technology helps in providing critical components of the health care safety net. The specialized services offered are not easily available at other hospitals. Such services include surgical transplant services, pediatric intensive care units, and certification stroke centers. It also focuses on reducing the medical contribution to Graduate Medical Education and encourages ambulatory training.

Research center

Besides training and specialized services, teaching hospitals act as a center for research and innovation development. New treatments and cures such as live polio vaccines, intensive care unit for new burns and pediatric heart transplant have been introduced thus receive more research funding (Rich, April 2002). Research is important for a student who is still new to the hospital environment.

Residency training programs

Lastly, residency training programs are as a result of teaching hospitals. Residency training prepares physicians for current and future health care needs including preparing individuals to participate in new care models advanced by health care reforms. Following medical schools, graduates begin the residency program by participating in the main residency match administered by the National Residence Matching program. The match pairs applicants with open residency based on the preferences of graduates and program directors at teaching hospitals.


Evidently, more physicians are needed because a doctor's shortage is a waste. As the population increases, more physicians are required to provide primary care. Physicians are getting older and retiring hence the importance of more training revealed. Also, physicians should be influenced by how the services they provide pay. Physicians must know the core skills including participation in new care delivery, team-based care and crucial areas such as intensive care unit and heart transplant. It will enhance public accountability and ensure patients safety.


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