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Here is the research topic proposal that you requested, and it is being submitted for approval and feedback for my research paper topic for Sa 09. With a brief overview of my topic choice, I will clarify the statement of the problem under research whereby afterward I will suggest possible solutions, define the scope and also the methods of my research. Finally, I will examine the preliminary conclusions based on the research that I have per taken this far

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For over a period now, drivers have switched to hybrid vehicles since at the most basic level, they offer better fuel efficiency. Hybrid vehicles have got a lot of advantages in that the vehicle has a high customer satisfactions rating and also low emission making it environmentally friendly. My research topic is the benefit of hybrid cars for urban living. These vehicles use an advanced technology energy to reduce the cost of fuel and polluting emissions. Engineers and automakers have created smart cars to use an extraordinary power. It reduces the rates of natural gas and oil. Compared with the regular gasoline and diesel engines, hybrid vehicles outperform their mother models far beyond by significant estimated miles per gallons.


The amount of natural gas and oil has become very limited as the days progress, and the prices may continue to rise. Due to the increase in global population and the number of vehicles users will continue to contaminate the pollution. However, hybrid electric vehicles energy has become one of the reasons to reduce the fuel costs and save the earth from contamination. With the issue of global warming on the rise and the fact that emission of excess carbon leads to greenhouse effects, hybrid cars proposed limits on CO2 emission. Hybrid has been on the market for the year 1999, and there has been a growing use of such vehicles to provide efficiency with low price tags. If the introduction of low CO2 emission cars were not introduced, the resources would eventually be depleted, and the environmental sustainability would be a dream.


The major issue of hybrid electric vehicles is how to optimize energy sources to acquire the best performance in lower maintenance. The hybrid vehicle utilizes more than one form of onboard energy so that it can achieve propulsion. Hybrid utilizes gasoline burning machines to use their electric bits and reuse the energy which would normally go to waste in standard cars. Although installing both energies can be expensive, hybrid cars are considered the best option due to its utilization of energy.


There are many sources about hybrids and the ways in which they utilize their power to use minimum resources and emit less carbon IV oxide to the environment. Since the pollution of fossil fuels which was used by a lot of vehicles, more scholars considered to evaluate the issue and analyze how significant the use of the hybrid vehicle would be for the people living in urban areas. For me to identify the benefits of hybrid vehicles and how economical they can be, I have to consider some issues like its efficiency, environmentally friendly and how economical it can be. With that in mind, I will examine using the following questions to narrow down to the concept.

Some questions that need to be analyzed include the following:

1. How do hybrid electric vehicles work?

2. Why are electric-drive technologies so critical?

3. What sort of reliability issues might hybrid electric vehicles have?

4.How do they differ from "conventional" cars?

5. How plug-in hybrid electric vehicles work (PHEV) >

6.What are the environmental impacts of hybrid electric vehicles?


I will use the primary method and secondary method of data collection whereby some technical journals on how hybrid cars work and their reliability will be useful. I will compare the information in those journals and by so doing I will draw the necessary conclusion about the benefits of hybrid cars. The journals will act as a paradigm to recommend whether the hybrid vehicles are suitable in urban areas and whether it is the best alternative to prevent carbon IV oxide emission in urban areas. I have identified three technical journals which are:

Chan, M. (2012). The state of the art of electric and hybrid vehicles. Proceedings of IEEE, 90, 247-275.

Chan, C. C. (2007). The State of the Art of Electric, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles. Proceedings of the IEEE, 95(4), 704-718.

Emadi, A. (2009). Modeling and Analysis of multi-converter DC power electronic systems using the generalized state-space averaging method. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 51(3), 661 668.

I am also looking forward to using secondary data that will emanate from the respected websites discussing the opinion of different individuals on the benefit of hybrid cars. I will evaluate their opinion and hopefully, the websites will assist me in determining whether hybrid vehicles are suitable in the urban way of life.


Hybrid cars offer many benefits for urban living; however, the process can raise many questions about its cost and implementation. Despite the doubts on the expenses, the fact remains that if people dont want to make the environment pollution even worse, hybrid cars should be an alternative. It is better to pay the cost of resources than doing it with the lives of people. The best solution is to go for hybrid cars. I would like to explore the topic for my research with your approval.

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