New Strategic Direction of NCRCC

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The NCRCC Board is targeting the younger members of the society, and the research conducted by McMahon indicate some high dissatisfaction rates about the activities that relate to this group. The younger group, in this case, referring to those under 46 years of age. Such activities that involve families and children enjoy relatively high rating among the younger group. 53% and 47% respectively. The reason for this being majority of the generation under 46 years of age have families that consist of young children.

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Although the majority of people joined for golf (80%), a 77% rating for dining isnt one to ignore. 78% of members think it is important to have a casual family dining which goes to show that dining is an important consideration. The majority of the age group that is interested in family dining are below the age of 46 years hence if NCRCC is looking to increase its membership and attract younger members for that matter then-then the board should look into providing more of.

Swimming pool, Spa and health, and fitness center are the facility additions that the current members want most. Specifically swimming pool enjoys a 60% approval rating among the under 46years group. That is twice the rating of their counterparts. It all makes sense because the younger group have children who are the most likely to engage in these activities. The high rating is also an indication that the available swimming pools are not enough. They should, therefore, seek to increase these facilities if they plan on increasing their membership.

Health and Fitness also enjoys a high rating among the young group, 58% compared to the older group 30%. Health is a serious matter especially considering the majority of this group are working people who will hardly get time for a workout. Most of them want to keep healthy so as to be able to reach the age of their counterparts. The older group tend to want everything to remain the same, but that is bad for business especially with cut throat competition in the golf course business (Roux et al. 2007). From the research, it is evident that NCRCC has been taking a very formal approach when it comes to the golf course business but the younger generation needs more than that. The current generation is too busy for their families and the little time they get to spend to spend with their families; they want it to be very quality time. That means getting to have fun with their children.

What would you recommend in Respect to Changing Current Operations?

The Golf course should try and market them as more than just a golf course. They shouldnt give potential members the idea that they are only good at offering golf services. They should market themselves as a place that one could bring their family and have fun regardless of whether they know how to play golf or not. Most golf courses in the area offer other activities and the NCRCC. According to (Powell, Slater, Chaloupka, & Harper, 2006), the changing demographics present a challenge where the new generation is not traditionally tuned for golf. They could instead decide to offer player development lessons. This is where they offer to tutor to those who want to learn how to play golf. This could provide a good avenue to boost the members interest in golfing.

The golf course needs to have a mission statement that contains its objectives. It should also answer questions such as whether they are going to get value for their money regarding the expansion of the available facilities. In business, there is always the possibility of making a loss, and the mission statement should offer a level of losing that is acceptable to the course.

Regular inspection of the course should regularly be conducted to ensure the staff fully attend to the members needs. The 49% service rating in dining could use a boost. When the service rating is low, it tends to affect the membership value as the members feel they are not getting value for their money. The management should, therefore, ensure that each member of the staff does their duty diligently (Lee, Kim, Ko, & Sagas, 2011). The timetable should also be adjusted accordingly to provide the staff sufficient room and time to carry out their duties. They can also increase the staff on prime time and days such as weekends because of the increased workload.

They should adapt the use of technology in some areas. The majority of the younger generation are tech savvy. This means they would be familiar with most of the technological advancements. Research has shown that adapting technology not only boosts efficiency but profits as well. For instance areas such as dining can have clients use computers to make their orders instead of having to wait for a waiter to attend to them. This would not only save time but money, as well as the dinner, would require fewer staff.


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