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(Kyungtag Lee, Jeongwo Kim & Mijin Noh,2017) Influence Factors on Intention to Use Mobile Banking Consumer behavior in mobile banking focusing on the antecedents of intention to use to mobile banking. The influence of trust on the relationship between attitude towards mobile banking and system quality, information quality and service quality of mobile banking Questionnaires were used to collect data from 328 mobile banking participants The information and service quality normally affects the users attitude towards mobile banking There is the need to come up with measures that will deal with the various inconveniences that current MB users are experiencing such as complex account input and certification procedures

(Alper Ozer, Mehpare Tokay Argan & Metm Argan,2013) The Effect of Mobile Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction Dimensions of mobile service quality and their effect on customer satisfaction Questionnaires were used to collect data The compatibility of the mobile devices influences customer satisfaction Further research needs to be conducted on the customers perspective of perceived risks in relation to mobile banking. It will bring a better perspective of the perceived and actual risk that they are exposed to when using mobile banking.

(Ataur Rahman, Mahamudul Hasan, & Amin Mia,2017)

Mobile Banking Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction in Bangladesh: An Analysis To investigate how various service quality dimensions influence customer satisfaction in the mobile banking industry of Bangladesh Questionnaires were used on 166 customers of 5 mobile banking service providers of Bangladesh In the research, it was seen that assurance which is one dimension in the service quality model has no significant relationship with customer satisfaction Future research should explore the profitability that is associated with mobile banking services quality.

There is also the need to conduct a study on how independent variables such as reliability, assurance and empathy affect customer satisfaction.

(Shih-I Cheng, Din Jong, Huei-Huang Chen & Shih-Chih Chen 2013) Investigating the Impact of Service Quality on Consumers Intention to use Mobile Banking Investigating the consumers behavioral intentions towards mobile banking in five dimensions-tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy Questionnaires were used to collect data The dimensions of service quality had significant positive effects on customer satisfaction except on responsiveness There is the need to conduct qualitative methods in future studies in order to understand the needs of mobile banking among various customers.

(Taoting Li, 2010) Applying the Success Model to mobile banking apps Studying the impact of banking app quality on customer satisfaction, perceived innovativeness and the intention of the consumers to continue using this application Explorative study System quality normally affects perceived innovativeness.

Information quality influences satisfaction There is the need to conduct a study with more participants in order to have a better understanding of the customer satisfaction when people use mobile apps.

(S.F. Amiri, Aghdase & F. Faghani,2012) Mobile banking service quality & customer satisfaction The quality of the mobile banking services on customers on Iranian banks Online questionnaires was conducted on 120 respondents Service quality dimensions greatly influence customer satisfaction in relation to mobile banking There is also the need to include more constructs other than tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy in order to have a better understanding of why customers are using mobile banking services.

Reji Kumar G. & D. Sudharani RavindronAn Empirical Study on Service Quality Perceptions & Continuance Intention in Mobile Banking Context in India To assess service quality perceptions on customer satisfaction Exploratory study and questionnaires were used on 164 participants Perceived ease of use and perceived risk do not influence customer satisfaction Future studies should concentrate on how the adoption of innovative technology is acting as an assurance to the customers based on their perceived risks, and how it has contributed to customer satisfaction.


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