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As a young entrepreneur who is determined to invest in the business industry, I made a decision on investing in the food restaurant industry. The business was going to be registered in the US while it is operated on the busy streets of the Capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. This is a country in the Eastern part of Africa which is highly populated hence a ready market. The fast food restaurant is going to be called Magnetal Fast Food". There are several legal issues that had to be addressed to have the company operate in Kenya. Since the company had already been registered in the US, there will be no need for further registration of the company in its region operation which will be Kenya. However, the company must be registered within the US by following all the legal procedures to be allowed to operate.

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The company founder is expected to, first of all, chose a proper business name then chose the suitable business entity that would protect one from personal liability in case of any accidents within the business premises. This is important in that in case there occur any accidents to the customers that visit the restaurant then the business takes sole responsibility for the incident and not an individual who is the owner. Another important factor is usually obtaining the legal permits and licenses needed to run the food restaurant. It is important to obtain food license that allows the business to handle food. Also, the business must acquire a license that enables them to handle large crowd since they are targeting a big number of customers coming in and out of the premises. This can be acquired from the police or fire department.

Another legal requirement that the restaurant must observe is the health and safety of food. The restaurant management must acquire a relevant license from the local health department so as to be able to handle food that they will serve to their clients. This will also give the public health officers permission to carry out an inspection on the restaurant on a regular basis so as to maintain cleanliness within the organization. The health and safety of the workers within the restaurant must also be observed since they handle food that is to be taken by restaurants from a different part of the world.Another important require for the business will be to acquire an insurance cover. This will help them cover accidents that may happen to their clients or employees as a result of slipping and falling on the floor, get burnt with hot water and other forms of accidents. It is also helpful in that it will cover the restaurant in case of disasters such as fire, thefts among others. Since the restaurant was planning to do outside catering, they needed to insure their vans and other kitchen equipment in case of any accidents in the future.

After the process of registration of the company in the US, it is also important to visit the country that the restaurant is to operate in and acquire the relevant documents for operation. The restaurant management had to acquire permit form the county government of Nairobi County that enables them to handle food that is to be consumed by customers in Nairobi. Also, they are expected to acquire a health and safety permit from the health department and fire department respectively to legally operate the fast food restaurant in the city.

The restaurant management must also conduct a reconnaissance to the area to find out what the culture of the potential customers is before establishing a restaurant. This will also help the management settle on the suitable location for the restaurant and the correct menu to introduce when the restaurant starts operation. For example, it would be pointless for the management to introduce a menu with port around a Muslim population which majority of the customers will be Muslim. That would be a failed business as they would attract very few customers due to the culture of Muslims against eating pork.

There is also need to look at the economy of the area before settling on the location of the restaurant. In a city, there are those areas where the people working around that region do low-income earners thus would not buy meals from the restaurant if the prices are too high. Also, the people working around can either be middle-income earners or high-income earners. In this particular case, the restaurant will target both the middle-class and high-class earners hence the location will be on the uptown side of the city where the majority of people who are can afford to buy food from the restaurant works. This means that the people will also check in for lunch and also have their meetings at the company's business thus making a profit.

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