California High-Speed Rail Case: Recommendations

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It is recommended that there should be slow spending on the rate of finances until the CHSRA has a financial plan that could be termed credible. If they receive federal grants, then it would be efficient for the project to carry on effectively but with the existing financial plan, it is best if they work under what they have financially, to reduce costs. Another recommendation would be for the Legislature to nominate a peer review panel that is independent with expertise in the financial sector. Since it is a project that consumes millions of dollars, it is important for them to have a credible financial feedback system that is able to budget the whole project. The panel should be able to also convene an agenda with a focus on the finances of the project in an expeditious way (Albalate, 2012).

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It is recommended that a builder of high-speed rail and an operator be brought so as to act as the advisor of the Legislature on the financial requirements and the realities of constructing and even operating such a huge system. This is very important as the operating personnel is able to come up with a business model for the entire operation. This will work in favor for them as they will have proper guidelines from a professional.

I would also recommend that a proper business plan for the project to be designed in a manner that it will be able to meet the criteria for investment grade that will be of quality. References need to be made on the spread sheets and even the results on how they were calculated. There needs to be credibility in terms of the finances that have been put to place. This would be a strategic manner in which the funds will be put to their proper use and avoid misappropriation of funds (Albalate, 2012).

Another recommendation will be on Best Practices which will be a great aid in the entire construction. It will propel the achievement of an improved fire safety system for the entire construction, starting with the materials that are used. This will be a motivator as fire safety will generally be improved and this will also cut the costs for future tragedies. These Best Practice recommendations emphasize on limiting the toxicity of smoke and limiting the propagation of flashover and flame. By using Cone Calorimeter test, the criteria for determining the heat released could be an aid to limit flashover and light flame propagation. It acts as that guideline which is small scale and bases its results from the large scale. The proposed new requirements have to be adhered too even though as they tend to been very effective (California High Speed Rail Authority, 2012).

Smoke density is also a major concern and during construction, it is recommended that this case is presented. It is important that a test of smoke toxicity is done in order to be able to effectively limit the by-products of smoke that might eventually lead to death of the passengers. If not death, it might as well lead to incapacitation which will further render the passengers incapable of running for their safety. It is better to implement all these recommendation while the project is still underway in order to construct a rail that would be safe and efficient. In turn, there will be no future costs for repairs or threats from fire outbreaks (California High Speed Rail Authority, 2005).


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