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I find it as a pleasure to recommend Mary to your Master of Public Health (MPH) program. Mary is among the most exceptional students I have ever encountered in my profession. As a statistics professor, I taught Mary statistics and probability at Ryerson University where she got an A. The course also imparted her with qualitative skills that are a requirement in the public health research. She is currently pursuing a career in public health. My course taught her the quantitative skills needed in public health research. Statistics is a vital recipe for ensuring the relevant qualitative ability for biostatistics and epidemiology studies. Besides, during her time in Ryerson, she was thoroughly involved in conducting various literature searches in the institution and also helped other students in completing their research. This made her one of the best mentees to other students in the university.

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During her undergraduate studies, she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biology. The program equipped her with great critical and analytical skills relevant to the program. An opportunity to pursue a master of public health at McMaster will help her revitalize her career goals. More specifically, her hopes of researching one the best forms of public health policies will be achieved. Mary has a highly rated research methodology skills which she will use extensively to aid the institution and the country to come up with a responsive and comprehensive public health programs and policies. Therefore, she will help in ironing out the reactive policies in the public health sector we have been recently experiencing. Ever since she was at Ryerson, she believed that there is need to conduct more research in Canada concerning the experiences of the marginalized populations. Through the research better policies will be actualized to improve the experiences of the high risk populations. Therefore, McMaster university presents a suitable ground for the accomplishments of her aspirations because of the university`s academic excellence and research opportunities.

Mary`s personal traits are astounding as her intellectual excellence. She is a highly dedicated and ambitious student who always exhibits her desire to learn and work under minimal supervision. Furthermore, she possesses a high sense of self-motivation and direction with exceptional maturity standards. Her ability to work and learn both independently and as a team player are fruitful since the program requires a flexible character. Besides, her communication skills are first hand as she can both write and communicate efficiently in English. She demonstrated this during her presentation on Breaking Down Stereotypes and Empowering Women in STEM at the Annual WISE Conference. Her excellent communication skills will assist her in her interaction during the program both academically and socially.

I am very confident that Mary will continue to showcase the same drive, optimism, and diligence to her career as she has always done. Therefore, I highly recommend Mary for your admission to the master of public health program at McMaster University.


Statistics and Probability Professor

Ryerson University

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