Everyday Racism and Anti-racism

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Racism in all its forms is an issue which is prevalent in every society. It is open and glaring in some countries while in others, it is subtle and masked within other societal issues. According to an article in The Age, the first step to finding a solution to racism is to admit that it is a problem the world over. Howie (2010) reports how Australian consider themselves tolerant of all races simply because they have a "Chinese family on Neighbours or eat dumplings in Chinatown followed by gelati in Lygon Street". The New York Times carried an op-ed article on the connection between guns and racism in America. The author stated, "Our permissive gun laws are a manifestation of racism," (Gutting, 2015). He argues that black people do not feel safe in America and therefore acquire guns for protection which in effect escalates the incidences of gun violence. Moreover, according to a CNN article, racism is deeply embedded not only in our psyche but also in our societal systems. He is of the opinion that a CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation Poll on Racism in America showed that a majority of blacks and Hispanics agreed that the American criminal justice system favored the whites and this is evidenced by the arrests, charging and death penalty application (Hill, 2015). It would be expected that the most appropriate response to the issue of racism would be antiracism movements and organizations. These movements have been on the rise and gained a lot of traction over the years. However, the anti-racism movement has now morphed from a political movement to a sort of religion with both positive and negative effects on the American society (McWhorter, 2015).

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All these articles give differing perspectives on the same issue. They are not only educative and informative but also laced with humor. The authors employed the use of technical as well as non- technical language which made the articles easy to understand and grasp. The articles were also supported by authoritative sources and were well researched elevating them above mere opinion and rants with no basis. The authors gave such in-depth perspectives that one is prompted to find out more about the issue and the various perspectives available. However, as is the case with almost all opinion articles, they give the perspective of the author which may be informed but mostly based on their personal views on the issue which one will either agree with or reject.

It is of essence that one researches and finds differing perspectives on a given topic before forming an opinion. Opinion and reporting articles broaden views and expose one to ideas and information that would not have been available otherwise. It is also important to be selective on the kind of information that one chooses to read and rely on. Not all articles posted on the internet are informative and educative. I came across a few, some from reputable news sites, that were so shallow and one- sided that no one would take them seriously. Bad pieces of journalism are characterized by rants and raves, personal attacks and insults while the good pieces not only inform and educate but also employ civility and professionalism in their editorial pieces.


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