Primary Aspect of Culture: LGBT People

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A friend at the Calvin College reminded me of the mixed reactions and contradictions that surround the LGBT people. In his argument, the friend sought to prove that the LGBT community in their college was taken with a high regard from a biblical approach. In this case, the college as a whole holds special Christian reform forums such as the Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA). The primary aim of this forum is to create awareness of the LGBT community within the college and within the community that they are normal people who are accepted even in the biblical realm ("LGBT Students & Homosexuality FAQ", 2016). On the other hand, the matter of LGBT is handled with very high sensitivity in our society where the general church highly disregards any person with LGBT inclination proclaiming this is a sinful social being and a disgrace to the society (Campaign, 2015).

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In the business sector, taking the UK as an example, the LGBT people are taken with bias such that the LGBT people remain in the closet concerning their sexuality. In this case, they fear the stigma; they would encounter exclusion from important promotion opportunities; or even be subjected to a homophobic treatment (Qvist, 2014). Best Buys industry, on the other hand as an example of a company in the US, creates a discrimination-free workplace environment which ensures diversity and inclusion of all sorts of employees so as to ensure the best employee practice environment.

Contrastingly, the Cracker Barrel lawsuit, filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), was due to sexual and racial harassment in the workplace. Female employees were sexually harassed and African- Americans were discriminated based on their race. From this scenario, one may argue that it is easier to prove workplace discrimination based on race than it is based on sexual orientation. To an extent, this is true because, in the first place, the color of the skin is easy to detect than the sex orientation of a person. That is to say based on race; it is hard to fake a discrimination suit than it is to fake one based on sex orientation.

Insofar, the LGBT people are currently in a tight situation torn between discrimination and acceptance in the society. To sum it all up, many cultural, historical and societal issues have shaped the fate of LGBT people in day to day activities. The church is playing a significant role in shaping this fate, the general public and private sectors in business are also playing a big part in it. What is common in all, discrimination is being submerged from the spiritual to the physical realm. There is a big ray of hope that the discrimination based on sexuality, disability or race aspects will end in the near future, at least in a big percentage than was ever before.


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