Prayers in Public Schools

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Students and are taken to schools to acquire knowledge. The teachers have the responsibility of molding these souls to be responsible people in the future, not just in academics. To achieve this, they also have to focus on the spiritual lives of their students. However, this issue is not well received by all stakeholders in education as some are conservative. The government supports prayer in schools and other religions. Other interested parties feel that by the government encouraging prayers they are establishing a religion of their own. The U.S constitution advocates for freedom of worship (Ackerman and David 4). Therefore, banning prayers in public schools is not in line with what the law claims, but the major question remains whether there should be time set for prayers in public schools.

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There are arguments for and against prayer in public schools. Those against prayers argue that it is not possible to conduct prayers in schools without segregating students into groups (Marzilli and Alan 33). There are various forms of religion and denominations and having been raised differently, there would be a need to separate them into different religious groups. Conforming and coming together does not give freedom to some religions. It may seem logical, but it would directly bring about religious politics. However, the overall goal is to instill good values and raise a morally upright generation. In leaving each student to practice own religion, there will be a gap in instilling values Faith and Freedom.

Another argument is that students are taken to school to acquire education and not religious rules. Religion should be the responsibility of parents, guardians and the faith institutions (Marzilli and Alan 24). However, in the school curriculum, it is almost impossible to teach the social subjects without coming across issues of religion. Teachers will not just assume such but will have to expound and enlighten their students (Ackerman and David 39). Religion is everywhere and evading it is not the solution. Other than in the school curriculum, religious aspects are in the news too. With all this exposure to religious issues, the teachers have a responsibility in the same.

Government schools are indirectly funded by all taxpayers. Nobody should, therefore, be looked down upon in religious matters. These are arguments against prayers in school. Thus upholding prayers is leaving out other religions, yet they have contributed to the existence of the school Faith and Freedom. They argue that it should these public schools should be neutral on religious matters to accommodate all students. Contrary, nationwide religious affairs are accepted. Leaders take oaths before getting into offices, and there are also national religious beliefs that identify a nation. Therefore, being neutral is not the best common ground to address the issue of prayer.

In conclusion, it is important to come to a consensus that accommodates all regions. The government should review policies governing the public schools concerning prayers Faith and Freedom. I am of the view that, no religion is better than any other. Teachers should be sensitive to this fact as taking sides during their teaching is not acceptable especially in a public school. The government should come up with guides for teachers teaching religion matters and evaluate the effectiveness of such. However, there will not be a solution that is acceptable to all since every individual holds their opinion. The key thing is striking a balance.

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