Expository Essay on Presenting and Evaluating Qualitative Research

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Qualitative Research

From the case study, Claire Anderson covers various elements of qualitative research. She addresses different strengths and weaknesses associated with a qualitative methodology. Apart from the advantages and disadvantages she addresses, it is apparent that qualitative research also has extra strengths and weaknesses which the researcher ought to acclimatize with before opting to use it as a research paradigm.

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Strengths of Qualitative Research

For instance, qualitative research methodology creates openness. This is the result of encouraging individuals to diversify their responses and views, which are integral in paving the way for new topics that were not initially considered. Qualitative methods are also vital when it comes to alleviating pre-judgments. When complemented with some of the quantitative data collection approaches, it is possible to explain why a given response was given (Maxwell, 2005, p22).

Weaknesses of Qualitative Research

One of the drawbacks linked to the qualitative research approach is that fewer people are studied. The gathering of the qualitative data is time-consuming as compared to quantitative data. This implies that a small sample size has to be earmarked for the survey to save on time, which might fail to cover the intended goals. It is also hard to formulate systematic comparisons. The success of a qualitative methodology, such as a focus group or interview relies heavily on the skills of the researcher.

Qualitative Research Methods for Establishing Employee Job Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is one of the requirements when it comes to enhancing high-level performances within a business. Employees who are satisfied have higher morale to perform efficiently as compared to those who are disgruntled. It is, therefore, essential for management to carry out employee satisfaction surveys to find out on its employees’ morale. Observation and interview are some of the qualitative methods which can be utilized when establishing employee job satisfaction within a business. Through observation, the researcher is likely to note the attitudes and overall performances of the employees, which are core indicators of job satisfaction. The use of the interview method will involve devising questions that will help the respondents (employees) to express their perceptions and experiences regarding the job and tasks assigned to them.


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