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I think that the comic was amusing. Wonder woman is an imaginary character in the American comic books, which explores the aspect of race and identity of people in the society. Such aspects in the comic attract one to follow the amusing story to the end. The fictional character story happens through a Princess Diana, who is an Amazon princess. She has amazing war skills that make people in her society render her as a superhuman. She has a variety of weapons to help her in her combats. She uses various devices through the famous Amazon technology. She changes identity as people refer to her as Princess Diana in her home place, although she uses the name Diana Prince in away places to hide her identity. She fought for justice against discriminative practices in her society that included gender disparity, injustices and advocated for unity and love among her people.

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The creators creativity in the comic starts as early as the comics heading. The Wonder Woman heading makes one curious to read the whole story to know her wonders. Indeed, the comic is amusing as authors articulate the princess mystery. Another prolific feature that makes the comic amazing is the part Marstons wife Elizabeth asked Marston to create the specific female hero to liberate the society. That part arouses captivated me as it stimulated curiosity in me of the female superhero Marston would create. Making a female superhero in a period when masses rendered female superheroes unconventional got me extra attracted to the film. The author the wonder womans anti-heroes from a wide variety. The reason behind this is that the wonder woman used her combat skills and expertise to fight battles where she faced enemies from both genders and races. I found the wonder woman comic exceptional.

Response 1: Julias Response

I disagree with Julia. My foremost reason is that she first judged the comedy from her preconceptions. It is not wrong to have preconceptions about a movie, comic or film. Although they should not guide ones judgment. In her response, she said the only thing that went aligned with her notions in the comic was the wonder womans dress code. The dress code was an important aspect of the film. Although the author invoked more creativity in the comic. Choosing the female superheroes villains to come from various aspects such as different races and genders proved a point that the wonder woman was a proficient superhero to liberate her people.

Additionally, she responded that felt wrong about the comic makers making the Wonder Woman an Amazon woman. That aspect shows mystique and expresses high levels of creativity. The part matches both the title and storyline of the comic as it makes the reader Wonder about the wonders of the wonder woman. As the heading sounds, a wonder woman should be magical with some enigmatic superhuman nature. However, I agree with Julia in the part where she talks about the wonder woman going against the grain. That part expresses her mystery as she even takes offense when Trevor refers to her as an angel. A normal woman would appreciate such comments. However, the wonder woman needs to live a life that differs from the ordinary. Going to an extent of annoyance from being praised expresses wonders that the wonder woman possess.

Response 2: Shaelynn Response

I agree with Shaelynn that the comic was fascinating. In addition, the authors have proved their high creativity levels through the film through divergence of several different factors. Firstly, it is interesting to have a superhero to save people in a comic, but a female superhero makes the film even more captivating. Marston story and his wife Elizabeth in the film were entertaining. They explain the origin of the wonder woman in the film, which attracts the audience to learn and know more about the wonder woman.

I strong agree with Shaelynn that the wonder woman faced various villains proving creativity. Having enemies from different races and different genders and races express high standards of creativity that attracted many people, as the comic is also rational. The comic matches most of the fictional detective series and films around the global. The bad people have different lifestyles and races as the protagonist in the series. Such aspects add the significant factor of rationality to the entire film. Aspects that relate to crime and negative things in the society arouse most of the authors to create masterpieces in their productions. From a global context, bestselling books, series and films have a relation to the villain leading a criminal life. The protagonist plays the super hero part, where he or she liberates the people from experiencing the wrath of the bad people. The comic also falls into the category of being a good selling comic based on such features. Having a comic based on the aspects of the super hero liberating her people from a variety of villains in the society based on various aspects make the comic attractive, giving it a wider market.

Response 3: Allision Response

I totally agree with Allision. From the perspective of a person who has never read comic books, he or she would have got attracted to them after reading the thriller comic, Wonder Woman. Reading about superheroes is surprising and exciting. The fact that the authors used a female superhero who had magic and mystic made the comic a thriller. Allision admitted that she was not a big fan of comics. Reading the comic for her started on a low enthusiastic mood. Having a variety of enemies that the wonder woman applied her combat skills to triumph is another important aspect. Hiding her identity in foreign lands and having annoyance when Trevor calls her an angel are aspects of wonders. Orchestration of the above diverse elements to make a thriller comic can significantly change ones perception of comics.

Storytelling through illustrations was another vital aspect of the story. Illustrations are amazing as one uses minimal words to tell a long story significantly. Most audiences enjoy illustrations in a story compared to words. I entirely agree with Allision about aspects that contributed largely to Marston making the wonder woman. He coexisted well with his two wives, which was an aspect that gave him more exposure about making the wonder woman. Marston living with two women and his wife convincing him to create a female superhero, the wonder woman articulate well to the comics storyline. Such factors are vital in production as they captivate an audience significantly to the comic.

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