Descriptive Writing Based on Of Mice of Men by Steinbeck

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When I saw the dead body, everything went silent, and the obscurity descended upon the room. A beam of light was coming into the room through the broken slate on the roof. I was disorientated and confused like a lost person in a jungle. I could not recognize myself when I saw my reflection in the steel halter chains, which hung from the roof beams. Was it a sign of my future? My blood froze, and terror gripped me, a noose descending around my neck. Why did this have to happen? Why does life keep tripping me over? I did not mean to make mistakes, but my desire was always to try my best and look after Lennie, but the unexpected always happens (Steinbeck & Susan). How is this? When I saw the distinctive hat, I knew that it must be Lennie. Everything went crazy ranch and bunkhouse; I was so confused, extremely nervous, and exhausted like a merchant's Carmel from a desert trip.

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It was tough for me to run after my brother, I put the stolen Lugar at my back; the weight was heavy. I could not even run, and the gravity was pulling me down; every living organism was screaming Lennie's name. He was now like the inhabitable liar and a cunning fabricator of falsehood to me. I leaned upon the nearby wooden pole and but it was as hot as the fire of hell. I went back and to my utter surprise, I saw all the familiar faces coming towards me. Just like a sharp splint of wood going inside my eye, was the pain in my neck that forced me to close them. However, when I opened my eyes, there was no one in the vicinity. It was astonishing, surprising, and shocking at the same time as I heard the noise of people with the sound of horseshoes that ceased abruptly after a couple of seconds. My heart turned to ice. I was mesmerized like a king in a palace during a coup as everything exploded around me. I kept as silent as the grave when I heard the noise of horses and dogs; the whining, groaning, and trampling of the creatures were approaching my direction.

I ran helter-skelter with my stolen Lugar towards Lennie through the thicker forest, and it seemed like forever. The vegetation was oak-brown and primitive. The grass crackled, and the leaves rattled beneath my feet, the dry spell was indeed a faithful servant. The woody fragrance was from centuries of snapping branches that continually crashed to the forest's floor rotting silently and stealthily. The further I went, the more horrific it became. When I saw Lennie from a distance, I froze, my throat constricted, and I could hear my heart pounding like the tum-tum drum of West Africa. Every muscle in my body screamed at me to flee, but I was held. My breath accelerated, and I had to use the little strength in my body to stifle a whimper. I felt my whole body shaking like a papyrus reed in a mighty storm. My head was screaming at me to run, but I was so terrified that I could not move (Steinbeck & Helen). I walked to where he was sitting under intense nature, woody, and rooted trees. With sunset, everything was coming to silence bedding down for the night, and I took my stolen Lugar out, asked Lennie to look at me, and I shot him. I could only hear the noises of running horses coming closer and closer again.

Of Mice of Men: Language Techniques

  • Idiomatic expressions

  • Proverb

  • Similes

  • Rhetoric questions

  • Onomatopoeia

  • Metaphor

  • Assonance

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