A Short Story Based on a Poetry Line: But with You, Who am I?

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Having left my office. I was going along the night street in the center of Paris. The beautiful old buildings were covered with a yellow light of the lampposts. The street was crowded with people

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Walking in the street and looking at the people around me, I felt lonely. I came to Paris from the little town in the South of France five years ago to study. When I have finished my education, I decided to stay in the capital. I found a good job and at that time I was a manager at a big company. I had a reputation of a strict leader, a reputation of a person, who always knows what to do.

I turned around the corner and found myself in a dark yard lighted only by two dim lampposts. My dark thoughts went away when I heard the sound echoed from the walls of the tall gray houses. I walked faster having understood what the sound was. Three big tall figures were beating a man lying on the ground. Having heard my steps in a silence of a dark yard, the attackers ran away. I walked up to the victim. The man was still lying on the ground. I looked narrowly at his beaten face. It was my first love Luke. We had a short romance as teenagers. But our love affair ended, when we finished school. I went to study in Paris, he chose another city. We havent seen each other for more than five years.

He also recognized me. I helped him to stand up and took him to my rented flat. I got him into my living-room and helped him to lie down on the sofa. His face was bruised and covered in grazes. His chin and hands were covered with bruises. I took a medicine chest and started to wash his grazes. Being hard to move because of the bruises and suffering from pain he tried speaking and even joking.

After sitting with him for the whole evening, I left him and went to sleep. I was lying in my bed thinking how he had changed. Five years ago, he was a cheerful teenage boy full of dreams and expectations. He wanted to become a policeman. But, at that time, he seemed more secretive.

In the morning, I left him sleeping on my sofa and went to work. During the morning at the office, I was thinking about Luke. I worried about him, thats why at a lunch-hour I decided to visit him. I returned home and found him sitting at the table in my kitchen and reading something. That was typed in very small letters.

He greeted me and put away the paper into his bag lying on the floor. While we were drinking coffee, he thanked me for help and asked me about those five years of my life when we didnt communicate.

After the lunch, I returned to my office. The day was difficult and I felt upset and tired. I found Luke in my flat waiting for me. He couldnt go away because of his look. He tried to leave after lunch, but I asked him to stay until he would be better. We spent an evening talking, but he said nothing about his life.

The next morning, I left him for the second time and went to work. When I returned home that day, he disappeared. My flat was empty. I felt lonely; I waited for the possibility to spend some time with him. But his forthcoming changed my mind. And again, I didnt manage learn anything about his life.

A week passed. I spent my evenings with Luke. I understood that my feelings returned, that I still loved him. But the next Monday he disappeared. I havent seen him for several days.

That day I was sitting at my table in the office. The table was covered with papers, but I wasnt looking through them. I was thinking about him.

After analyzing the situation, I understood that I behaved differently. With him I could be as I was: kind, not as strong as I seemed to be. With him I was soft and open-hearted.

My thoughts were interrupted by the telephone call. It was Luke, first call in several days.. He invited me to a small, cozy cafe that evening.

We met near my office and went to a little cafe at the end of the street. Sitting at the table and drinking coffee, I was listening to him. He told me about his life. He was a private detective. A criminal has stolen a big amount of money from the flourishing businessman and run away. A rich businessman hired Luke to find the one who tricked him before the criminal left Europe. Luke explained to me that he was beaten by the men hired by that criminal.

I found my love and understood that I could be not only a strict cold manager, but also a loving woman. We got married a month later.

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