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As a Christian, I have come to acknowledge that my religion plays a rather crucial role in my life. For one, it helps me understand the world that I am currently living in. Human beings are so immersed in their environment that they do not take seriously the implications of a secular world. Each culture tries to offers coherent answers to questions that humans have about their existence in this world. Christians around the world like me recognize that there is a huge spiritual battle ranging in the minds and hearts of people. Christianity enables me to understand the world better because the Christian worldview has the stamp of reality and reason, and can withstand the test of time, experience, and history.

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The truth is that every person has his or her own worldview. Certain worldviews are incoherent given that they are just a collection of beliefs based on natural, pre-modern, supernatural, modern and post-modern events and occurrences. On the other hand, a thoughtful and examined worldview is much more than personal viewpoint. It is a complete life system that tries to answer the basic questions concerning life. A Christian worldview is not just a theory or an individuals personal faith expression. It is a comprehensive way of life that can be applied in all spheres of life.

I sometimes smile when I think of the fact that I am a fully-fledged Christian while a few years ago I thought that Jesus was merely a figment of peoples imagination. I was in my late twenties when I became a born-again Christian. I rapidly found myself thrown into a world of expectations and lingo that were totally foreign to me. The Bible totally overwhelmed me, and I just could not get through it despite all my well-meaning attempts. What made me dive right into this religion is because I had hunger in me. This hunger was fed by so many of my fellow believers with words and encouragement, something that forever changed the course of my faith.

Many conservative Christians believe that the only valid faith is their own denomination as well as those who agree with them, and that all other religious groups are seriously erroneous. Other Christians are inclusionists, meaning that they are of the opinion their groups beliefs are totally true while all the other religions beliefs are only partially true. As a liberal Christian, I am of the opinion that the other religions in the world are different attempts to understand questions about humanity, deity and the rest of the universe. I believe that the gods and goddesses of these other religions are not related to Satan, despite the fact that some of such deities may contain both good and evil characteristics. Although I do not agree with the teachings of these religions, I view them as inspiring their followers to live a more spiritual and moral life. I am open to religious diversity and think that it is making positive contributions to the world.

I must admit that some of my fellow Christians do have some strong views against other religions. Some conservative Christians believe that the deities of other religions mentioned above are actually demons. This means they see little or no difference between Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Satanism, other forms of Neopaganism as well as all other non-Christian religions. These Christians feel that when members of such religions worship deities, they are actual with Satan himself or the evil spirit. They may recognize that spiritual power exists in other religions services, leaders and rituals. However, they often attribute the power to demons and demonic spirits; describing it as a kind of counterfeit power that seems to be from God but in the real sense it originates from powers of evil.

As a Christian, who is planning to pursues a career in healthcare, I believe that healing does not come from an individuals mind or from within the body. Rather, healing comes from Gods mind that is used as among the seven synonyms for God. Christian Science is on a basis of Jesus teachings. It portrays God as an ever-present, all-powerful and all-good, and each individual cannot be separated from his love. It is this reality and its unfolding understanding that brings forth healing. In a church, there is no ordained clergy. What are there are lay Christian Science practitioners who provide a prayer healing ministry for church members as well as the general public.

Christian Science appreciates every persons unique relationship with God and acknowledges the uniqueness of each individuals spiritual journey. I believe that nothing in the teachings of Christian Science or its practices justify or support interference with a persons prerogative to make decisions about aspects of day-to-day life such as healthcare. This means that questions concerning diagnosis, treatment, or any other issue that arises from in the healthcare setting are always answered on either an individual or family basis. I believe that a Christian, who voluntarily goes into a medical facility, will most likely accept to be treated using conventional medicine.


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