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Womens right is key indicator in understanding the global well-being of the girl child in the society. The majority of nations in the world have ratified treaties on global women empowerment programs. Despite many efforts to ensure that women get equal opportunities in the society women still, pass a lot of position to get into the leadership positions CITATION McG15 \l 1033 (McGirr)The role of women has evolved over the last ten decades. Despite the challenges existing, the women have been able to overcome the stereotype that their work is only supposed to cater for children and they are now clinching into leadership positions. Women have therefore proven thy have the ability to become effective leaders both in business and in government. Even though there exist gender, bias many policies have been developed in an attempt to ensure that there is gender equity in the government leadership.

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In the past, the leadership positions were viewed to be the roles of men while the women are only required looking after the family. Women were considered to be weak and have no potential to enter into a leadership position. For many decades the roles of women have evolved. Though women today have education, some have focused that their role is only to help their husband in raising their children. The society today has given the women which pathway they are to choose in life. In the US, the role of women has changed, and women have their democratic right of choosing what to do in life.

Despite progress in the women role in society, girl child faces many challenges when it comes to getting into a leadership position. In 1920 women won the right on voting and in 1960 women began which called for fundamental change in the women role in leadership. Although the primary objective of this movements was to give women equal opportunity when it comes to leadership, there is a significant gap between men and females as per women United Nation progress report.

Although women form more than 50%, United States of America women make up only 20% in the Senate and upper house. In America, both males and females are believed to make good leader irrespective of gender, but there is the perception men are better in the leadership position. Note the opinion is not based on quality but their gender. For these reason women under-represented. Taking the example from the last election though women are more than men Hillary Clinton was not able to be elected as the president of the United States of America CITATION Hug15 \l 1033 (Hughes and Paxton).

Most studies on gender and leadership show that the society will always punish the girl child for violating the stereotyped gender role. Unlike men who are expected exhibit the qualities of independence, self-confidence, ambition and assertiveness women are required to be communal that is; warm, caring, nurturing, and compassionate. From this characteristic, you can observe that women are not independent as men even when it comes to choosing the pathway of their life. The society perceives that men are more aggressive than women are and if given political position they may not perform well as men.

Despite all these challenges, women have demonstrated their potential in leadership. From the last election in the United States of America though Hillary Clinton did not win her presidential bid she still receives a lot of praise for putting the women right to be the top agenda all over the world. She has also helped to raise the confidence of women that they can also go for the top position in the government despite the challenge they may experience.

Hillary Clinton candidature act as an avenue for other women around the world to run for the top leadership positions in the government. Her candidature also reveals that women can have an agenda for the women other that their stereotyped role of taking care of the family. Since then we have seen other women participating in high political position, for example, Fadumo Dayib the first lady to run for the presidential race in Somalia. You can imagine the challenge a woman face going for the political position in a Muslim society. We have also seen Amin Mohamed of the cabinet secretary of the foreign affair in Kenya running to be the chairperson of the Africa Union. Though these women never won their bid for the leadership position, they have demonstrated that women have potential to offer leadership in the society CITATION Nya16 \l 1033 (Nyabola).

In her speech, Hillary Clinton says that women right does not only advocate for women right but to human. She tries to remove the perception that when women are in power will only advocate for women right but the rights which women support for are rights to every person.

In another word, we can say the western culture and tradition have been used to influence the world on the issues affecting the child. In the women liberation movement, they have been a great advocacy on equality among all sexes. Most of the countries have come with policies that dictate on how equity is ensured based on gender. Great progress has been made even in the developing world where women had no say when it comes to political position. Today women can compete with men and men can now listen to the women as they sell their political agenda.

Running for political office require a lot of finance. Unlike men who have access to finance women, face challenge of funding their election bid. Many non-governmental organizations join hard to support women who have the ambition to vie for elective position. Unlike developing nation where the election is based on ethnicity, gender, race and the financial situation in the western countries relies on the ideology and vision of the candidate. This has set a good president for the developing countries by influencing them to vote for developmentally oriented leaders. If the leader is elected for his or her developmental agenda, then it is possible to eradicate poverty.

The western culture on women right has helped eliminate primitive culture, which promotes violence on the girl child. When you go to most society in the less developed and Muslim nations, you will observe that women face many challenges. Men bully the women and hence electing women in political position have facilitated the enactment of the law, which protects women against such violence. There is also the issue of gentle female maturation, which has been practiced among the individual community. The western tradition has tried to campaign against such custom. Allot of education, and public awareness have been done against circumcision girls and a positive progress have been made even in the developing countries.

The Western culture has also been promoting the education of the girl child. One of the hindrances to leadership among the women has been the issue of lack of education. For example, when you go to the developing nation you will observe that most of the middle age women are not educated, but for the young women, they are learned they either process university degree, diplomas and other have even masters. Today the girl child has been empowered academically. When it comes to education women, enjoy equal right is accessing the education.

Having women in political position have played a significant role in ensuring women are not discriminated even in the workplace. The women get equal opportunity in the business and recruitment of civil servant. Unlike years before women can secure managerial position in the workplace. In her speech and manifesto, Hillary Clinton had high lightened the issues of sexual violent in the workplace. Women are not to be seen as an object for sex in the workplace but people who can bring change and new ideas in the workplace.

Taking Rwanda as the example, it is possible to have gender equality in the government institution. The citizens of Rwanda have demonstrated that it is even possible to have more women in power than men. Being one of the most improved nations regarding cohesion Rwanda has more women in parliament than men. Women make 64 % of all the members of parliament CITATION She16 \l 1033 (Sheldon).

Marginalization of the girl child in the US means oppressing women all over the world. Imperialist and patriarchal values are the root course of marginalizing women. As feminist, it means that one can support women and join them in fighting for their liberation. It is through international solidarity the right of women will be combated hence every woman having the right to enter into leadership position irrespective of the region.

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