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The UK Budget Hotel should look into the needs of recruitment using diverse methods and sources that are suitable for resourcing of staff in managerial and reception roles. To increase the level of employee retention, there needs to be career development, employee relation management, and evolution compensation program (Muethel, Gehrlein, & Hoegl, 2012). The HR managers in the firm should use different approaches to increase the motivation and morale in the workforce. Using the strategies and approaches in recruitment, the UK Budget Hotel need to maintain enough human resource in supporting the future company goals in customer service operation and expansion (HRM Asia, 2015).

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Recruitment Practices

The The UK Budget Hotel should use external and internal sources for recruitment purposes. Internal recruitment entails the filling of new positions by current employees while the external sources of recruitment involve accessing the labor market in addressing the HRM objectives (Muethel, Gehrlein, & Hoegl, 2012). This will enable the company to satisfy the needs of HR. The following are the common internal sources of recruitment, transfers, trainees, and current employees.

Current employees are essential in filling the managerial and reception roles and positions. For instance, UK Budget Hotel should promote supervisors, cooks, waiters, cleaners, and receptionists to monitoring and administrative positions. Thus, the current workers can be used principally as sources of internal recruitment. The UK Budget Hotel can also use the on job trainees as sources of internal recruitment. The firm can absorb trainees to minimizes the HRM spending and absorb job fit personnel. Transfers can be used in filling different positions because of the HR short-term needs (Shukla, 2013). This HRM recruitment strategy allows employees to be moved to other locations or areas to fill the workforce gaps.

The UK Budget Hotel can use external recruitment sources like previous applicants, Campuses and respondents to job entertainment (Purce, 2014). The advertisement job respondents can be the primary sources of external recruitment at UK Budget Hotel. The company should create a portal on the company website for recruitment purposes (HRM Asia, 2015). Thus, job openings on managerial and reception positions can be posted on the company website for applicants. This source reduces the cost to reach candidates. Campuses are also essential sources of recruitment making the external recruitment that enable the company to reach the labor market. This source can be used in maximizing the cost effectiveness of hiring.

Selection Strategies

Right employees employees should be hired to reduce the rate of turnover in both managerial and reception positions. The UK Budget Hotel must choose the right strategy for selection as they find the best candidates these positions. The company can use different selection strategies to create individual who can work best for the company.

Selection Criteria

UK Budget Hotel strategy of selection should be based on the position of the job. The standard criteria are criminal background, training experience and education (Majid, 2015). For individuals seeking reception positions, the company should uses interpersonal skills and knowledge retention techniques. The company can also use conflict skills for management and problem-solving abilities for managerial positions. Managers are expected to resolve conflicts and solve problems in the workplace (Slocum, Lei, & Buller, 2014).

Techniques and Methods

UK Budget Hotel can use job knowledge and structured interviews evaluation for most managerial and receptionist positions in the company. A formal interview is essential in determining details like the company expectation and the applicant perspective (Schuler, & Jackson, 2014). This determines person-organization fit and person-job. The company can use situation judgment tests and personality tests for these positions. The personality test is essential to deciding if applicants can work well based on the nature of the business and the culture of the company (Alfes, Shantz, Truss, & Soane, 2013). Situation judgment tests are necessary in problem solving and analytical abilities.

The use of skills, knowledge, and abilities as a method of selection is essential in job analysis. The UK Budget Hotel should analyze job specification after it has examined the position having listed all abilities, knowledge, and skills required to perform the job (HRM Asia, 2015). The outsourcing method can also be used at UK Budget Hotel to hire temporary campus students and trainees. The method can involve, check references, and conduct assessment and caring out interviews. The tools for assessment must be validated to allow for legitimacy based on the open position requirements (Muethel, Gehrlein, & Hoegl, 2012). An individual can only eliminated based on less important criteria. The strategies of selection are less costly, and applicants are eliminate based on the single assessment results.

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