Role of the Business Community in Midland MI

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The Midland Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) has continually impacted the business community in the Midland Mississippi County. Thanks to this institution big business are now able to connect with local businesses particularly those that are non-profit organizations and small local enterprises. Moreover, volunteers have significantly assisted this chamber to better the surrounding community through the Midland Blooms and Partnerships for Education.

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Being an MACC member poses plenty of benefits especially in regards to business promotions. Also, the Chamber has proved that it is a perfect fit for nonprofit organizations due to the opportunities presented (Waverly Patners LLC, 2015). First, the chamber can market a companys name in all its arenas. Moreover, the presences of expert advisers to the Chamber staff members who endorse their members with information on how to target activities that foster active personated relationships. Also, the referrals that the committee offers their members acts as the stronghold for them because it comes from acquitted and trusted referees.

The recurrent events hosted by MACC have further proved to open doors for their members. By so doing members become actively involved in these meetings which in turn portray a positive picture of their presence in the Midland County. For instance, Midland Nazarene has ensured that they create a fun filled and more caring community. Besides the Chamber has continually encouraged its members to forge new relationships that are mostly built and grown through their events (Waverly Patners LLC, 2015). Small business professionals, on the other hand, have had a chance to meet with sole proprietors at very low costs. Members of large business corporations have been provided with opportunities to network as well as being able to develop their professional leadership. Besides, the chamber offers a platform for large business to adhere to the interests of the Midland community and its local businesses. Additionally, big enterprises have been able to gain from the numerous benefits offered by this platform which ensures that they maintain top position when dealing with significant ever changing trends and issues in the Midland County.

Joining the MACC with a nursing approach will significantly impact the community and the chamber members too. Nursing is classified under the health department which oversees programs related to health promotion, disease prevention, and environmental protection issues (Eldredge et al., 2011). With the presence of nurses in this chamber, health promotions can be evaluated and carried out accordingly. Considering that the chamber has volunteer programs where issues related to the Midland community health topics can be tackled. For instance, volunteer programs could be formulated in the nursing section of this chamber to educate the public on issues of obesity, diet, and exercise. Further, the nursing sector could be facilitated with opportunities to provide the community with family planning services, cervical and breast cancer screenings. Moreover, the chamber members could also gain from being assisted by information related to preparedness in their organizations in cases of terrorism, chemical accidents, and pandemic diseases.

With protecting the environment, the chamber can impact the community wholly by providing information that teaches the importance of keeping a healthy county both in the personal dwelling levels and commercial settings. By dealing with disease prevention programs the chamber can facilitate for the nursing department to be involved in voluntary works of educating the community, treating, and preventing some of the communicable and chronic diseases especially those that are transmitted sexually.


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