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Rogers Centre is one of the most versatile entertainment venue in the world as it can accommodate a wide variety of events that are suited for a domed stadium, an arena, and an open-air venue. Since Rogers Centre is a public venue, it is vulnerable to various security risks that can lead to personal injuries or damage to the property thus making security a high priority issue. Therefore, when planning for a concert event at Rogers Center, the event manager needs to prepare strategies for first aid, transport management, crowd management, fire, and other major incident and contingency planning so as to ensure the safety of all people in the event.

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Lack of proper planning can be caused by various factors such as inadequate information about people who are going to attend the concert event, the risk associated with an artist, and little discussion on some of the potential problems that might arise during the performance. Regardless of the factors causing it, poor planning can pose significant dangers to people in the concert. A case study of a concert event to be held at Rogers Centre, Ontario, will be looked at in order to have a better understanding of the importance of planning for concert events.

The event will be a music concert with 35,000 ticket holders expected to attend the event. The artist who will be performing will be Electronic artist Deadmau5 who previously performed at the same venue. Electronic dance music has become popular in recent years, but dangerous problems have plagued some of the genre's concert event. There have been cases of some of the attendees of these concert events being intoxicated. Thus, the possible risks that may be linked to this performance include drug use among attendees and criminal activities from members with ill motives.

With the kind of risks mentioned above, it is important for event organizers to properly plan for the concert so as to ensure the safety of all people who will be present at the event. Lack of proper planning may have devastating effects on the safety and well-being of artists, concert attendees, and other people in the concert event. For some people, these concerts are about using drugs which may result in drug overdoses or even drug-related deaths. Additionally, many people may get injured due to the rowdiness of people who come to the concert intoxicated. Even concert hosts are affected by such activities especially when the events receive more news coverage than the artists performance. Apart from intoxication, lack of proper planning may also result in criminal activities such as assault, theft, robbery, and even terrorism. These activities are dangerous and may result in serious injuries to people in the concert. Such actions show that there is need for proper event planning, management, security control, and emergency response in order to reduce the likelihood of property damage, injuries, and even catastrophic attacks.

Proper event planning must be tailored to meet the needs of a specific event and its potential exposures. The electronic dance music concert at Roger Center is an event with specific safety, and security requirements since most of such previous concerts have had people who were highly intoxicated. In turn, this may result in rowdiness and some people engaging in criminal activities. Thus, there is need to carry out proper planning before the concert starts so as to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all people in attendance.

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