Consultancy Report on Dunns Ski Emporium

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Many organization and companies prosper or fail due to the leadership skills that are employed by the leaders as they are the ones who motivate or demotivate their employees. The leaders are still the ones who boost the confidence of the managers and those they are working with by creating an environment where all are free in their working area. The environment conditions of the working area are also a factor that can determine how the employees will operate in the organization or the company towards set goals. This report will be discussing some of the roles of a leader about building a good relationship with the employees to improve their performance. (Hiebert and Klatt,2001).

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For every organization to be successful, leaders have their role in creating a good environment for their employees to work in and ensuring that the structure of the organization encourages a healthy interaction between the employer and the employees. Rules set in every organization should be clear to each member of the group to enable adjustments if an employee is not comfortable with some. There should be a forum for an organization that allows comments and any views that an employee feels necessary to be initiated by the organization. Dunn should ensure that the missions set for the company are well understood by his employers and should encourage frequent meetings that will enable room for understanding the job requirement and follow up with the employees.

In an organization, employers and employee should maintain good communication whereby for an employee or staff to start a project, they should make sure that all the other people in the organization are aware of the same. This will create room for improving or changing the plan to a more important and urgently needed idea, and this will help them achieve their mission. Employers should be ready to communicate any problem noted with an employee without biases as well as employee correcting an organization in case what is being done is not worth. every activity in an organization should involve all the members, and this strengthens the relationship between employer and employees together with all the other staff members. (Kinicki and Williams,2008).

Employees in any organization feel safe whenever they are appreciated for the good work done. Employers and all the other leaders should always be appreciative of good work done by their employees as it is them who determine the success of the failure of the organization. They should be quick to apologize whenever something wrong happens to their employees, and this makes employees feel appreciated and feels part of the team. Rewards should also be included as part of appreciation so that employees notice their good work and with that they tend to remain in the body rather than thinking of looking for other organization where they can be recognized. (Hiebert and Klatt,2001).

Feedback from employers on a project that had started is also a requirement for a positive relationship between the two. If a project had started and maybe due to insufficient funds, it was terminated, employees should be updated of the same so that they are in line with the progress of the company or organization. Meeting the employees regularly creates room for discussion between the employees and their employers, and this motivates them to engage in more projects of the organization as they feel part of the group.

As an employer, one should ensure that they are truthful to their employees by not giving promises and later failing to meet the requirements. Anytime a company gives a promise to the employee on meeting them of increasing their salary after completion of a particular activity; they should keep in mind that as their responsibility and make sure it is done as promised. This motivates the employees to work extra harder for more. Employers should not also be too busy to meet their employees whenever needed for discussion of personal things that are related to the organization. Instead, they should create room for discussion of the same in a manner that the employee will feel accommodated. (Dada et al.,2013).

Employers should ensure that what the workers are tackling now is not all they can do for the company. They should initiate training of employees in the fields they are best in to be promoted to another job category and do not find what they are doing monotonous. Delegating your job to an employee makes him/her motivated to work extra harder to get to your level as they feel their potent recognized. They should also be given a harder task to challenge them and so that they may consult you on how to go about the job, and this creates a positive relationship between you both.

Initiate in company activities that employees can participate and feel entertained. These activities might be a gym or a playing ground that they can play for an hour before they leave the company. This improves the cohesion of the employees themselves, and they are also free to relate with their employees as the activities bring them together. Introduce extra salary for those employees who portray their talents and use their skills for the betterment of the organization. This motivates the employees to participate fully and express their talents in the group and that helps the organization meet their goals. (Kinicki and Williams,2008).

Every organization has external factors that are part of it and positively or negatively influence the operation of the organization. The external environmental factors that influence the way of leadership in an organization are discussed. The external factors can be in a form of suppliers where the leader of the company has the responsibility to choose the best provider among a range of vendors. This occurs where there are different producers of a commodity that an enterprise requires and all of them are convincing to the leader of a company. Therefore, a decision has to be made to come up with the best supplier among the available. (Dada et al.,2013).

It is the role of leaders of a company to maintain their customers as an external environment or to lose them. They should take it as their responsibility to set standards on how their employees handle their customers for them to gain the trust of the company and be frequent clients of the enterprise. A company that gives warranty on their products tends to be more trusted than the one that doesnt as the customers have an assurance of return of the product if it doesnt function as expected. Also, companies that take it as their responsibility to call their clients after leaving their premises to check on the functionality of the product retain their customers, and hence the companies prosper.

Companies producing the same commodities as the firm act as an external factor that affects the business. Its the role of the leaders or managers of the organization to come up with new strategies that will attract customers to their company and ensure that once the customer visits their premise appreciates their services and can come back again. It is from these customers that the organization gets its profit from and can improve the quality of their product to curb stiff competition from the adjacent companies.(Hiebert and Klatt,2001).

Technology changes with time. Leaders of the organization should be responsible for any technological changes as all the processes in the organization require an update for the programs to be valid. They should set aside some funds for cases like changes in technology or changes in the processes that will improve the functionality of the production. This will enable the company to keep in line with others and compete with them to ensure that they retain their customers. The managers should be in a position to adapt to changes that are there in the technology world, and this enhances the quality of their products as well as surviving in a competitive world.

The leaders should learn the interests of the people surrounding the company as it is through them that they can produce best quality products that will be appreciated by the whole society. Taste and their desired type of product are an excellent guide for what the company should work on and what should be improved to retain the name of the enterprise. Comments from the surrounding community on the services offered by the industry are still another idea that leaders should take positively to improve the services provided. (Hiebert and Klatt,2001).

Laws set by the governments are external factors that significantly affect how a business operates. If the director of the company is not careful when it comes to abiding by the laws, it becomes hard for the company to work best. All leaders should ensure that the follow the laws of the country when starting up the business even as the enterprise progresses; its existence can be noted and appreciated. Good relation of the company with the governments gives the company confidence in producing and selling their products as well as benchmarking companies owned by the state for more knowledge.

Businesses conducted in other countries apart from the companies country greatly affects its functionality as the sometimes competes the products produced by the corporation. Whenever the leaders of the company relate well with other leaders from outside the country running the same business, they can enlighten each other on the best practices to be introduced in a corporation to make it better than the others in the country.

Dunn as the leader of the company should ensure that there is communication flow in the organization so that the problems experienced his employees may be discussed and corrected before the employees decide to quit the company. He should also be ready to listen to the employees views on how to improve the company and also be willing to be corrected whenever a problem is identified by the employees. He should be in a position to appreciate the employees by rewarding them whenever an employee goes a step ahead above his/her responsibility. This will improve the relationship of the employees with him hence progress in their daily activities. (Kinicki and Williams,2008).

Dunn should be in a position to consider the feelings of the employees by not giving them false promises on an increment of their salaries or any other issue that might make the employees mistrust him. He should also create time for his employees whenever they need him for personal effects discussion or organization functioning. This will enhance their relationship with the employees making them free to communicate issues affecting them privately.

Dunn as a leader should initiate training sessions for the employees so that they can improve their function in the company and which can be adopted by the manager and the entire workforce for best results of the company. This boosts their relationship.

All leaders must be all round and should consider internal and external environmental factors as factors that will lead to success or failure of the company. They should be updated on the emerging issues in the world of business so that they can cope with them for better competition. They should take their employees as assets to take the company to another level rather than workers who are there with an aim of benefiting themselves. They should ensure a good relationship with them at all times as it is through them that the processes will run or fail the company. (Dada et al.,2013).


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