My Aspiration in Pursuing the Business Management Degree

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I aspire to earn a Bachelors degree in business management with a major in finance and a perhaps with a minor in marketing. I am particularly interested in this qualification as I believe that it will make me learn valuable skills and practical experience. I am sure that with this degree that I will be able to fit in most sectors of the economy. This course will make me an around professional in all areas related to business. It will also propel and enhance my competitiveness in the job market by making me gain an unmatched competing prowess.

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As a justification for my career aspiration and my request for the scholarship, I registered for this course at Farmingdale State University during last semester's intake. Before I joined Farmingdale State University, I was at Suffolk community college from the year 2011 to the year 2014 where I earned an Associates business degree. Before enrollment at Farmingdale State University, I had some savings from my previous jobs. I spent all my earnings to pay for my registration and tuition fees at Farmingdale University. Currently, I am earning peanuts, and I am utterly unable to pay for my education. I have pleaded with my parents for them to support my education, and all that they said is that they can only afford to pay my fees for only one semester. So I am in dire need of a scholarship so that I can complete my degree at Farmingdale State University. After graduating, I promise to come back and work for you if you so desire. I will not disappoint, if you can have a look at my associates business degree transcripts and the certificate, you will see that I graduated with a distinction. I know my potential and promise a first-class degree in business management if at all you will agree to sponsor my learning, of which I pray you, will.

I have undertaken extensive research concerning the importance of studying this degree and realized that the business management degree is one of the outstanding careers and is liked by most professionals and students as well. Business administration degree enhances a person's problem-solving networking and entrepreneurial skills (Mintzberg, 2004). This education will also enhance my credibility and management capabilities like the interpretation of business reports. My research and industry analysis also reveals that most CEOs, board members, and senior managers possess business qualifications like this degree and an MBA on top.

I am interested in pursuing this course because I aspire to be a management consultant. I can also diversify to become a corporate financial expert, an account, a personal advisor or else an investment banker. I am ready for the worst but hoping for the best. Competition in the job market is increasing day by day (Price, 2004).Universities, therefore, are training their students to learn how to apply their knowledge to create jobs instead of seeking jobs (Allan, 2009). To this end, if I dont succeed in my job search, I will apply the business knowledge to take the risk and become an entrepreneur.

To conclude, I believe that my request for the scholarship will reach you for you to act on it accordingly. My plea is legitimate, and I will provide some supporting documents upon your application to prove my need. I believe that I will be in a capacity to give back to the society by mentoring young leaders and sponsoring some of the needy students with my earnings from the management consultant role. I look forward to success.


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