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In response to increasing pressures including customers demand for quality products, the marketplace has become competitive. As a result, organizations have embraced different performance management practices. Aguinis (2013) defines performance management as a consistent process of identifying, evaluating and promoting the performance of individuals and groups and striking connection between performance and strategic organizational goals. Dean and Bowen (1994) reiterate that managers can adopt quality management and that leads to better products and services, reduction in costs, enhanced performance, greater productivity, satisfied employees and customers and competitive advantage (Zu, 2008). Organizations that embrace quality management strategy lay emphasis on attaining and maintaining top quality using practices of management as inputs and exceptional performance as outputs (Kaynak, 2003). This paper examines the significance of quality as an integral competitive tool for Qatar Airways.

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Qatar Airways is among the youngest global airlines operating in the six continents (Qatar Airways, 2017). Moreover, it is the fastest growing airline given the response of the customers to its offerings. The company links more than a hundred and fifty destinations daily with a fleet of the most recent aircraft, unmatched service and the Hamad International Airport in Doha. Travel currently entails a mix of segments with more clients going than before. Every destination can be reached given the current network coverage. It explains the commitment to service because customers are frequently traveling. From its inception in 1997, the company has received numerous awards, turning into one of the most cherished global airlines to have received a 5-star rating (Qatar Airways, 2017). Moreover, the company has won the confidence of the customers and must continue to do so.

It is because the introduction of the quality concept in organizations has enhanced the development of quality management systems. For Qatar Airways, implementation and certification of ISO 9001 would be the best practice. It is a valuable tool with several benefits to any organization (ISO, 2017). This certification in the views of Sampaio et al. (2009) will allow this team to engage more in national and global markets. It is because the technical requirements meet standards and universal prerequisites that make them acceptable in different nations, in turn adding value to Qatar Airways and providing a competitive edge.

Using written procedures and information, it is easier to run particular work activities that help reduce failures, reduce cost, boost the relationship with suppliers and guarantee customer satisfaction (ISO, 2017). It is because the certificate offers exceptional products and services. For Qatar Airways, these goals will be achieved by focusing on the details including mode of running the business and customers experience. The primary objective is to ensure that Qatar Airways becomes the airline of choice, providing the necessary flights to different destinations (Qatar Airways, 2017). This goal drives the team of more than forty thousand professionals daily and will keep motivating the company to achieve the highest heights of success.

In conclusion, it is clear that renowned firms like Qatar Airways are now operating in a highly competitive business environment. Success will only be achieved by focusing on strategies that provide a competitive edge. As has been established here, ISO 9001 certification has positive impacts in production, purchasing, employee and customer satisfaction and marketing performance among others.


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